3rd Trimester

Strep B and Labor

I tested positive for this very early on in Second Tri.  Apparently I carry the bacteria in my urine.  They informed me docs would administerr antibiotics immediately upon my entrance into the hospital to prevent exposure to my baby....but I'm still worried.

Once my water breaks, the baby is no longer protected.  What if my water breaks and I still make, hospital in 20 minutes, there will still be a short window of time the baby could risk exposure. 

I would love some advice from anyone who's also tested early or had similar experiences.  I'm just really worried about this and almost wish I could insist on a C Section or Induction early just to be sure I get the antibiotics I need to help keep him healthy.

Re: Strep B and Labor

  • Im actually waiting for my results now. Ive done a good bit of research on this and while it is a very serious issue Im quite sure you will be fine. My hospital is 40min away and if by chance i do test positive im very confident that when I get there and they hook up the IV antibiotics everything will be fine. The statistics of everything being ok esp with antibiotics is great! stay positive!!!! :)
  • I also tested early for strep B, in my first trimester (same as you it was found in my urine) I was totally stressed about it because with my first pregnancy I tested negative.  Of course I did the worst thing possible and googled it Indifferent At my next appt I brought up my concerns with my midwife and she calmed me down and told me to not stress about it. Just as soon as i get to L&D that i would be put on antibiotics. I understand your concerns because i feel the same way as you. I think I have heard of women going on an antibiotic a week or so before their expected due date to be on the safer side. That will be something I would ask my midwife about @ my next appt. GL I am sure everything will be fine!
  • I was GBS positive with DD and am again this time as well.  With DD my water broke and everything was totally fine.  As long as you get a full IV dose of antibiotics at the hospital before you deliver then DC should be fine.  From the time my water broke to the time my antibiotics got started there was probably a good hour and a half in between.  I understand being nervous though, I think I told every single nurse a doctor I talked to from the time my water broke to getting the IV that I was positive so they would hurry up and get it going.
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