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Just realized & 2nd Chance U/S

I just realized that I am completely, umm uhh crud what should I call myself???????? Oh wait can I say I brain farted???????  I have been commenting on here for a while and have yet to actually introduce myself. So here goes:

Hi Y'all! Im Tasha...and Im an espresso addict. oh wait wrong board. haha

Anywho, Im 24. I was in the Air Force for a short stint, where I met my DH. It was funny cause the whole time we were together, we never "dated" according to him. We were just really good friends that hung out all the time. Guess that was a good thing though right? Becoming friends first? Cause now I have been married to my smexy Airman for 5 years. And that is also how long I have been trapped, ok ok we have been trapped here at this base. No offense to anyone from Nebraska, but it STINKS. And at times I mean that LITERALLY!  So if there are any other bumpies in the Bellevue area, shoot me a message! Cause DH and I seemed to miss the time frame of getting me knocked up so I could have company with other PG spouses...so Im kind of truckin' along by myself. But hopefully this will be our last year here and we will be goin over seas.

Now to the good stuff: We are currently expecting our first pup (if you knew our last name you would get it lol), according to the doctor Turtle should be here around 4 July. According to me, more like 25 June. So far everything is going good with the pregnancy. Like I said, Im thinking LO is goin to be here sooner cause, whats the chances of being only 11 weeks (16 Dec) and feeling the baby move? Plus the um "twins" have been leaking since Thanksgiving. I know I know every pregnancy is different, but things just seem to be moving along quite quickly. 

Today is going to be our second U/S, since first time around Turtle refused to cooperate with the technician (even AFTER hanging me upside down pretty much with a full stomach and jiggling the holy crappola out of me) and waited till he turned in the U/S pics to the doc before he/she would show some spine. So this also means we have another chance to find out what team we will be on. So please PLEASE at 1445 (2:45), send some open leg vibes to us!! Cause Turtle didnt get that memo last time either and kept the goods a secret! We are really hoping for BLUE, but if we get pink, there is always next time! Thank goodness my DH has no problems with my color choices for the nursery, one way can go Winnie the Pooh..the other can be Tinker Bell!! 

Soo good luck to all you other Bumpies!!

(P.S. if i ever respond to a post from you and you think im flaming, more than likely im not. i try to be reasonable, i do understand you cant always pick up someone's true meaning from words on a screen .)


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