2nd Trimester

Annoying but tastes sooo good!!!

Before I got pregnant I was a really healthy eater. My DF works on an organic farm and brought home tons of fresh vegetables and meat which I absolutely LOVE!!! Since getting pregnant I can't eat pork, which we have like 100lbs of in the deep freezer... and all I want to eat is crap! I feel like I could live off of macaroni and cheese and potatoes (french fries, tots, hash browns, baked... doesn't matter)! Its so annoying that I don't want to eat healthy any more even though right now its probably more important than ever.. Ugh! Anyone else having this problem?

Re: Annoying but tastes sooo good!!!

  • When I was pregnant with DS it was the SAME way... this time around I enjoy fruit!
    TTC #3 with PCOS. Long cycles, ovulate about 4-5 times a year Married 6/9/07 DS 7/15/08 Met RE 12/08 DD 6/2/10
  • I was like that in the first tri. I was so happy when I finally liked vegetables again.
  • ME ME ME ME ME!!!! Give me pasta, cheese, potatoes, corn beef hash!! I thought I was ok with fruits, but noo as much as they do good for easing my nausea they give me horrific heartburn at night. so now all I can eat is junk food.....newest obsession CHOCOLATE FUDGE, ice cream, bars, syrup......yes I actually ate at Golden Corral last week and finalized my meal with a BOWL full of hot chocolate fudge...

    It feels so weird cause before becoming PG I would chow down on salads and turkey burgers, chicken, lean steak...yadda yadda yadda...now I dont even think of vegetables unless Im out eating and I see a salad bar. 

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