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If I had to grade myself for February

I have a to do a monthly report for my job so while I was sitting in a boring meeting, I thought about my own personally life-    Money: B barely did any shopping, put a little away, and really didn?t have any extra to put towards the credit cards but also didn?t ADD anything to the cards   House: A Did a lot of deep/spring cleaning and taxes done   Family: A Spend almost every weekend with family   Friends: A there was a lot of things going on where I was needed   Wife: D We really didn?t spend any time together in February, ouch   Mom: A DS hasn't complained    Me Time: C I still soak every Sunday and I started to workout but not everyday



Re: If I had to grade myself for February

  • This is fun!   


    Money: C- we are trying to get it together a little better but I still had to pay some bills w/ the end of the month check that should have been with the mid-month check + I had some overdraft fees. grrr.


    House: C- I really need to find time to sweep & mop & just generally keep things more tidy!


    Family: A I did spend every weekend with family!


    Friends: B Did get some QT in, but not much.


    Wife: D I need to start putting out more, LOL!


    Mom: A DS hasn't complained--likewise 


    Me Time: D By the end of the month I was feeling pretty depressed and realized I need more "me" time!

  • How fun!


    Money: D We just started trying to stick to a budget for out eating out/entertainment expenses, but we're not doing so great with that.  Plus the short month always screws up my bill paying cycle.

    House: B I didn't blow anything up this month, but I didn't do anything special.  March is looking up already, though.  DH is rearranging furniture as we speak to fit DS3 into his own room and out of ours.  He'll get an A+.  If I can just stay out of his way, he'll probably give me an A- :)

    Family: A Sister and family came to visit :)

    Friends: A Been getting more chances to hang out with friends lately.

    Wife: B I've been doing OK, I think.

    Mom: C I'm beating myself up over nursing issues.  Makes me feel like I'm failing as a Mom, but I know I'm not, and it's not my fault, so I think I'm a solid C for now.

    Me Time: B I could use more, but I'm not feeling too lacking this month.

  • Money: A Have been staying on our budget, not eating out very much and really starting to pay some things off!


    House: B We've managed to do a decent cleaning every weekend and rearranged our living room and it looks TONS better


    Family: A Have seen most of my family at least once this month (which is pretty hard to do since we live out of town)


    Friends: F What are those? Haven't even talked with any of them on the phone


    Wife: B   We've both been trying harder to support one another and our sex life has increased!


    Mom: A She is growing, thriving, smiling, laughing, and overall happy (I think)


    Me Time: C The only me time I really get is in the shower.... so I take really long showers.

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