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Any LO's with a heart murmur?

The dr found a heart murmur in DS on thurs. Had a chest xray fri which came back normal so we have an appt on the 15th with a pediatric heart specialist for an echo and EKG. We are hoping it is just an innocent heart murmur. Just wondering if anyone else's LO has dealt with this? and what was the outcome?
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Re: Any LO's with a heart murmur?

  • DD just had a little one when she was born, some flap wasn't finished growing.  It was gone within a week though.  T&P to you and your family.
  • My baby has a heart murmur. We were referred to the pediatric cardiologist when it was discovered after he was born. Our first appointment was when Grayson was only 4 days old. They did a LONG ultrasound on his heart and some other things... they checked him out for about 2.5 hours total. 

    Anyway- his heart problems aren't life threatening, definitely aren't inhibiting his growth, and are something we are just watching closely. The cardiologist said the worst case scenario would be that he would have to have surgery when he is about 5 years to close the flap. 

    We have to go back to the pediatric cardiologist in a couple of weeks for his 6 month check-up.  I am already nervous. 

  • DD was actually diagnosed with one while in utero. one of the leaftlets (flaps) doesn't close all the way. she was in the nicu for a few days after birth (just to be monitored) and has been followed by a cardiologist since. he said it doesn't seem to be an issue for her, and she is tolerating it well. i asked if there would any long term problems for her, and he said they only thing we might notice is that she will get out of breath a little more quicker than kids her age when playing/running around..but thats really it. Good Luck!
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  • My DD has a mild leak in one of her valves it was detected by an ultrasound around 4 months. They think it's due to her other genetic problems and the shape of her chest (its extremely narrow). It doesn't cause her any day to day problems and doesn't need to be treated with medicine at this point. She will have yearly ultrasounds of her heart to monitor it, they think if her chest isn't fixed it will progressively get worse. Good luck!
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