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You will never guess how long it's been...

since my DD pooped.

are you ready for this?



 I have harassed our pediatrician almost every day because it seems so unnatural to me - but he isn't concerned. She's eating normally, has plenty of wet diapers and isn't fussy about it - but it seems SO unnatural to me that I am losing sleep over it!

 He said she's growing so much and breastmilk is such a perfect food that she is literally using every bit of nutrients - but almost 2 weeks without a bowel movement???

She has an appointment with him on Monday to re-evaluate the problem.

and we've done EVERYTHING to try to get her to go - tummy massage, prune juice/water mix in a bottle, rectal stimulation  - none of it has worked.

I've run it by another pediatric dr friend of mine and she agreed with DD's pediatrician that it wasn't that unusual.

Has anyone else's LO gone that long without pooping?

 I swear, I'm going to throw a party or something when this kid finally poops.


Re: You will never guess how long it's been...

  • WOW that IS a long time!!!  I heard three days before being concerned.  I would be freaking out if it went that long!!  But if your docsaid it's ok...
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  • Holy Cow!! I ebf also and I have only changed about 6 diapers total that did NOT have poop in them.  Liberty is a poop machine.  She even poops a little every time she coughs or sneezes!
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  • my SIL is going through this right now with her 2 month old. Her pedi said it was natural too! I couldnt believe it. I read that babies could go days without pooping after about 6 weeks or so, but my SIL baby hasnt gone in over a week. I told her to get a second opionion also so I asked my pedi, who also said it is normal for breast fed babies. as long as your LO isnt in pain from trying to go, I wouldnt get to conserned about it. I am sure that your LO is just taking in all the nutrients it gets from you! at least you are going in on monday to have it re-evaluated! Good luck!
  • hopefully that will change soon. thats scary!!!
  • image CaptainD:
    WOW that IS a long time!!!  I heard three days before being concerned.  I would be freaking out if it went that long!!  But if your docsaid it's ok...

    Not if you're EBFing. In that case, it's not unusual for babies to go about a week between poops.

    But, wow, two weeks is a long time!!


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  • She had never gone more than 4 days without pooping before this. I've googled it and asked other moms and no one I know has had a baby go as long as Everly. If I think about it too much, I just get worked up over it- the only thing that keeps me from really freaking out is that Evie is so happy and content - I feel like if it was hurting her it would be so much worse.

     Can't wait for Monday to get here so that we can atleast DO something about it - a baby enema or something.

  • I would be pretty worried about that.  My daughter poops every time she sneezes.  The fact that you are breastfeeding makes a problem less likely, but you have to worry something is blocking after that long.  Nobody can not go that long.  Let us know if you find anything out.
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  • ok, first off... your LO is TOO cute!

    ...LOL, and you can have some of my explosive diaper's! Really thought, that is a super long time for no poops! I heard a couple days is normal, but wow!

  • My 2 year old did that when she was about 6 weeks old.  She went 10 days and we had tried everything including Karo syrup.  My ped and my uncle (family practice MD) said the same thing yours did. 

    Let me warn you though that once she went I had to cut her onsie off because there was poo everywhere.  It was like she had stored it up for a couple of weeks.  


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