2nd Trimester

Heavy Bleeders?!?!?!?

I was wondering if heavy bleeding can affect the delivery of a baby. I am a heavy bleeder. When i get small cuts I bleed large amounts and my peroid is horrible as well. Have any of you had this problem.

Re: Heavy Bleeders?!?!?!?

  • Have you talked to your OB about this?  They might want to take extra precautions during your delivery and maybe have some blood on hand in case you lose too much. 
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  • I'm the same way, and ya know, i never even gave that a thought..

    thanks for bringing it up! now I can mention it to my dr next appt... :)


    I wouldn't know how it is with delivery and all, my appt is on the 23rd of march, so if you still don't know any info i'll be sure to let you know.

  • I would just bring it up to your doctor.  Heavy periods I wanted worry about, but if you feel you bleed excessively even with small cuts, then your doctor might just do a little b/w for things like clotting factors.  Or they'll ask some questions about how much bleeding happens and then decide it's normal.
  • I would definitely bring up your concerns with your dr.

     I have heavy periods, but had no issues whatsoever during or after labor and delivery. I don't have any bleeding issues when I get cuts or anything though. Everyone's different. GL and I hope everything goes well.

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