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Has anyone ever had one? and if so did you have any problems? I had one the other day and it put me into a tubal spasm.

Re: HSG?

  • yes on having it.  No on problems.
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  • Yes I have had 2. I felt bloated for the rest of the day but other than that I was perfectly fine. Im not sure what a tubal spasm is...maybe you should call your DR! Good Luck!
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  • I had one today. So far, I'm still bleeding and crampy, but no spasms...

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  • I had mine on tuesday. They sent me right to the ER afterward and said i was in a tubal spasm.. The pain was horrible.. I've never felt anything like it!
  • Yes. I had problems with the actual procedure. Apparently my long skinny cervix is fort knox and they kept going to the OR for smaller instruments etc. It took over an hour and was excruciatingly painful.

    My tubes were clear and other than being really sore and crampy for a day, the after HSG was okay.Did not have a spasming tube though. That doesn't sound pleasant.

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  • I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.  I had one and didn't have any problems.
  • Yes, I've had one.  No problems, just some normal cramping.

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  • I had an experience with what they said was probably a tubal spasm on Monday. So they aren't able to tell me if it was just the spasm or if my tube is actually blocked. GL
  • Mine just hurt really bad.  I had a hard time with cramps afterwards as well. But like I said before, it's worth it to know what's going on.  I have scars in my tubes and wouldn't have been able to find out if I didn't do that test.


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  • image suntoto:
    yes on having it.  No on problems.
    ditto..............sorry you had a bad experience!
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