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Winter Park OBGYN - worst practice ever!

Just a warning for any ladies looking for a doctor. Before I was prego I was seeing Dr. Jones at WP OBGYN and out of my 5 visits - 4 times she was called out for a delivery and I was stuck with another doctor or forced to reschdule. When reschedule I asked to switch doctors and the first available was Dr. Lincourt.

To make a long story short - I had seen Dr. Lincourt twice with issues menstrating/conceiving and she even met my husband multiple times.

As I explained to her I had some unusal hair growth, her response was "Your Italian, I'm sure you have a hairy Aunt somewhere in your family." When I returned a week later for a follow-up visit, her first question was "Are you sexual active?" Umm DUH - trying to get prego here! Then she asked "Are you married?" At that point I left the office and didn't feel comfortable with her even touching me since she couldn't take 5 mins to read the file and even pretend she remembered me.

I later saw Dr. Loy at the Center for Reproductive Med and was diagnosed with PCOS, Endo. and toxic free fluid. All things WP OBGYN never even tested for. Wasted a year trying to conceive with a horrible doctor!

Re: Winter Park OBGYN - worst practice ever!

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. 

    Dr. Lincourt delievered DS and she was wonderful when it came to the most important part, delivering. She created a very calming affect in the delivery room. She talked to me about what was happening as I was delivering, to keep my mind off the pain and it helped me to focus on the job at hand.

    WP OBGYN is a VERY busy practice though. The have 4 locations and a TON of patients.

    I hope that things will work out for you. Good luck! 



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  • WOW! Is all that I can say...so unprofessional and just down right RUDE! I'm so sorry for you, and the time you wasted. It sounds like you have found a better doctor/practice instead of a factory, that pushes as many women as possible through as fast as possible.
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  • Have you tried Physicians Associates? I would recommend them a million times over- especially Dr. Peppy at their Sandlake office, who is one of the highest rated ob/gyns in the state.  Dr. Santiago did my emergency c-section, and did such a fantastic job that I am a prime candidate for a VBAC- which doesn't often happen with an emergency c.

    Good luck!!


  • I am in the same boat somewhat... I just feel like they are way too busy and when I had to go for blood work to see how my pregnancy is progressing I always have to call them for results and they take forever to call me back like 4:30pm. When your a first time pregnanct patient you want someone to sound like they care and call you not at the end of the day after you have worried all day long. They lost my medical records the first visit I went. I am in the process of trying to find a new doctor as soon as possible. Any suggestions??? I really want to stay with a doctor who goes to Winter Park Hospital.
  • I had the same horrible experience with them.  I was diagnosed with the wrong infertility issue and treated for nearly a year by them for this misdiagnosis.  The doctor said to me, "We can definitely get you pregnant."  He lied.  He equated my ovaries to swiss cheese (I was so insulted and upset that i cried for a week and stopped eating swiss cheese).  I finally went to CRM and saw Dr. Loy.  He found the problem immediately it it turns out that all the treatments I had at Winter Park OBGYN never had a chance of working.  I wasted a year for nothing with them.  I finally got pregnant at CRM (CRM is AWESOME).  I went back to WP Obgyn thinking that maybe they might not be good at infertility, but they might be good at obstetrics. NOT AT ALL!  The doc told me that no form of Down's is genetic (which is wrong, 1 out of 3 forms is hereditary), he didn't listen to my concerns, the ultrasound technician tried to make it out that it was my fault i was misdiagnosed, and I just waked out of there feeling scared for my pregnancy.  Needless to say, i have an appointment with a different OB GYN now... DO NOT USE winter park obgyn for infertility.  Go to a specialist.  They don't know what they are doing.  I wouldn't suggest them for obstetrics either.

  • sorry you all have had bad experiences there.. however without their help i would have not become preg... not to mention they have saved my life and my babies life.  They diagnosed and treated my cancer and did get me preg.... to each his own... but i would not go anywhere else.... I cant wait for Dr. lincourt to deliver my Safe and HEALTHY baby boy.
  • I had a very positive experience with them with my daughter (now 3.5yrs) and now I'm pregnant with another girl.  Each person has their own experience...I have seen every doctor in the practice during this pregnancy and I'm really happy and the staff has always been wonderful with me.  We are even having a major insurance issue and they have been working very diligently with my husband and I on it.
  • I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. However, I have been going to WP OBGYN for almost a year now. Dr. Dukes helped me through the loss of my first pregnancy. I have never before felt so comfortable with a doctor. He allowed my husband and I to sit with him in his office until I was able to compose myself and stop crying. Then he made me feel like his top priority. When we found out we were pregnant again, he was just as excited for us as we were! Every time I go in for an appointment, the office staff is so friendly. Yes, sometimes I may have to wait a while to see a doctor, but I do understand they are very busy, and if they are busy helping another patient with something important (such as delivering their child!), I know I can be more patient!! I have never felt mistreated or lost in the shuffle. I am excited for one of the wonderful doctor's there to deliver my baby in April!  

  • I also used to go to this practice but I found another doctor when they made me sign a form stating that I give up my rights to sue if they make a mistake.  I am not a sue-happy person, in fact I've never sued anyone before, but to make me sign a piece of paper that I will abide by what THEIR arbitrator decides didn't seem right.  They won't see you unless you sign this document.  There are plenty of other OBGYNs out there that don't have this policy, and I just didn't feel comfortable with it.
  • I understand that putting a bad taste in your mouth for the whole practice, but really it is a good practice, I had both my children with them and I have seen every doctor. I am with you that dr. lincourt is a horrible doctor, I saw her once and she was rude, and talkied down to me, she made me feel like i was dumb. I will never see her again, and specifically will ask to not get her. everyone else is really great, i primarily see breit or dukes.
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