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when do new stroller models come out every year?

I'm trying to compare strollers, but that's hard if I know new ones will follow right after I pick mine. Does anyone know around what time of year new models come out? Is it usually the same for most areas or differs by region, too? HELP

Re: when do new stroller models come out every year?

  • I'm not sure if there is a usual time that all stroller companies release their new models. However, I am waiting the see the new Bugaboo Bee 2010, which is said to be released in March.


  • The majority of the baby gear companies display their next year models at the ABC kids expo which is help in September every year - in Las Vegas.

    Typically, the things that are label to come out for the next year are ready for purchase at some point between Feb - April.

    So, the 2011 models will be showcased in September of this year and available for purchase at some point in Feb ? April 2011.  Obviously there are exceptions but this is the norm.


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