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what is the best baby travel systems for under $700

Me and my wife can't agree on what baby travel system wee should get. She said it needs to have big wheels and easy to pack up. I seen some up in the $1000 range but that is not in the budget, Is there any one out there that can give us some help in find a good system?

Re: what is the best baby travel systems for under $700

  • Where's IHH when you need her?

    I've heard good things about the Bumbleride Indie - you can get it at Peek-A-Boo (St Clair just west of Bathurst)

  • Pegperego Skate is supposed to be good too.

    I've heard great things about the Uppa Baby System


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  • I'd try going to a baby store near you and trying out a few systems. It's a lot easier to make a decision when you feel how they move, fold, etc. Also, some strollers don't come as part of travel systems but do have adaptor bars that allow them to hold standard car seats like Graco or Chicco, so that might be something to consider.
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  • We have the graco travel system and I don't really have any complaints.  We also don't use the stroller that much.  Not sure if that would be any help. I would also reccomend going into the stores to test drive.   Also make sure that it will fit into your car.
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  • I have a BOB stroller.  You can buy an adapter so that you can use your carseat with it, but I just reclined the seat all the way and my daughter was in it from the first week.  I bought a snuzzler to use in the stroller while she was super small.
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