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dog owners--question for you...

Our dog (see below) loves sleeping in bed with us and for the most part, we like it too. She slee in her cage if we put her there, and she'll stay there all night with no problems. 

When the baby comes I think we are just going to keep her in the bed. I think that if I'm up a bunch of times through the night with the baby and she is in her cage, she'll just bark. If she's in the bed, she can get in and out  as she pleases.

So my question--Where does your dog sleep now? Where will he/she sleep when you have the baby?

Re: dog owners--question for you...

  • My dog either sleeps on the bed or under the bed. I think he can stay there, he's no problem.
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  • Our dog has a bed on the floor she sleeps in until about 6am when she jumps on the bed and wakes us up to cuddle...but she's a 70lb chocolate lab, so I might not be of much help! She will continue to sleep there after LO arrives.
  • In the bed with me, and she will stay in the bed with me. :)
  • My dog sleeps in a crate at night.  She's pretty big and sheddy so I don't like to put her in bed with us.  When the baby comes she will remain in the crate.  She seems to like it just fine and seems to not whine without be able to see us.  (We used to crate her in the bedroom with us but everytime we moved she wanted us to come play - now she sleeps in the loft with no problems.)
  • She's crated at night. She goes to bed when we do and goes in her crate. Dh gets up around 6-7am and take her out to go to the bathroom and after that she gets in bed with us for a couple hours.

    After baby comes we will keep the same arrangement. A lot of things will be changing when the baby comes so I want to keep her routine the same.

  • Mine sleeps in his own doggy bed in our room.. he's not allowed on the bed at all, and we only crate him if we're gone.
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  • One dog likes the bed, the other likes the couch.  I am going to keep things the way they are.  Bernie, who sleeps on the bed, sleeps at the foot of the bed and under the covers- I don't think he'll be bothered by my getting up (he hasn't with my excessive peeing).  Closer to baby we are going to start randomly play crying in the middle of the night to get them used to it so they don't bark every time, but that's about all the night time prep we are doing with them. 
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  • Sammy sleeps in our room. He has a doggie bed in there, and he's either on there or right next to the bed...or halfway under it! He's not much of a bother and it keeps him quiet since he has superpower hearing. He'll stay in with us, even though we'll have baby in there too. Full house!
  • Well, we dont plan on having LO in our bed at all... Its our love nest, and cannot be contaminated with kiddie cooties. Smile So the dogs are free to roam the room/bed. However when DH is home, the dogs dont like sleeping on the bed cos there is no room and DH is a little bit of a kicker. ahha
  • Our dog has slept in the middle of our bed on our pillows like a person from the time we got her and she'll continue to sleep there. We have a cradle for the baby in our room and then his nursery is across the hall.
  • Ours sleeps in the bed and she is going to get to stay BUT she used to sleep up top between me and DH like a human head on the pillow w/ shoulders and under coered with blankets.  I knew that was going to have to stop asap when I got preg so we've just about trained her all the way to sleep at out feet instead. MUCH better.

  • We have a small dog who sleeps in our bed and I hate it now. There is no way we can kick him out at this point for he is 5 years old and will whine all night. It's our fault and created this monster by allowing him to sleep in the bed when he was a puppy so we are just going to make it work some how.
  • They sleep on the floor or in their kennel.
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  • The "Old Man" Smokey sleeps on the bed either in between me and DH or at the foot on DH's side. Jack sleeps on the floor; and Angel...well she sleeps where ever her big butt decides to lay. lol And as far as Im concerned those sleeping arrangements wont change. Had my dad threaten me and said that we couldnt have a baby till we got rid of the two younger dogs and my kitty! he thinks that Munchie will kill the baby!! haha But we already know how they will react to a new born. My friend that is staying with us, had her baby in Nov. and the most that happens is Angel will "check up" on the baby if she cries, and so will Munchie. Then they go on their merry way. Sorry that was off the subject....lol

    If you currently have no issues with where they sleep in your room, and it would prevent any barking, I dont see why it would be a problem.

  • We have a giant Rottie mix that sleeps in bed with us. He slept in a crate up until about 6 months ago and I don't think he will go back in it now...we spoiled him:) We will have to figure something out before the baby comes.

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  • We have an English Bulldog that is so short she can not jump on the bed - thankfully. ;)    So she sleeps in her own doggie bed - she has one in our bedroom beside my side of the bed and one in the living room. She is crate trained so when we aren't at home she stays in her crate.
  • Our dog sleeps in our bed and she will stay there.  The baby will never sleep in our bed.  It worries me to have a baby sleeping in bed with us and we take up the whole bed.  Baby will sleep in his beautiful crib in his own room.  Our dog will probably stay in bed through night feedings and not even budge when I get up!
  • Our 65lb lab mix sleeps in our bed when one of us isn't home (my hubby is military and he works funny hours a lot). When we are both home she will lay with us if we are watching TV, but she jumps down and sleeps on her dog bed next to ours when we are sleeping. She doesn't bark unless we are playing. It will probably be the same after the baby.

  • Our two labs sleep in the bed with us and will continue to do so! They are going through enough changes this doesn't need to be one of them for is. My mom bought us a cradle for our room for this very reason!

  • My dog sleeps in bed with us and will continue to do so when the baby comes.  She's been sleeping with me since I got her 4 years ago and I can't imagine changing that now.
  • My 5 year old Italian greyhound sleeps in bed with DH and me. He sleeps under the covers and sometimes with his head on the pillow. He isn't going anywhere! He's my baby. LOL (DH would LOVE to kick him out of the bed)
  • In her crate in the living room and that is where she will continue to sleep. She's just over 1 yr old... so still a mischievous puppy and can't be trusted to wander free at night.
  • image mrs.mulrine:
    Well, we dont plan on having LO in our bed at all... Its our love nest, and cannot be contaminated with kiddie cooties. Smile So the dogs are free to roam the room/bed. However when DH is home, the dogs dont like sleeping on the bed cos there is no room and DH is a little bit of a kicker. ahha

    So you won't allow your own child in your "love nest" but the dogs are welcome?  That seems a bit backwards to me...

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  • 2 of our dogs sleep on the floor, the 3rd younger terror sleeps in a crate.  We used to have them in bed with us, but it got too cramped.

    Your dog may or may not opt to stop sleeping with you...all of our pets but one stopped even sleeping in the room with us for the few few months after DD was born, I think they were irritated about being woken up so often.

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