3rd Trimester

I am a grease ball....Vent

Seriously, I am one big grease producing machine! I have stopped using conditioner because four hours after a shower my hair is greasy. Without conditioner I can last maybe six hours without greasy hair... Not only that my face is like shiny and oily. I am breaking out in crazy places as well as my face- my belly, my boobs, my neck. This is getting out of hand. I just showered at 6 oclock and my face looks like I am a sophmore in high school it is so greasy. I am NEVER like this and have totally normal if not dry skin usually! This JUST started happening recently too no through the whole pregnancy!!

Re: I am a grease ball....Vent

  • I feel your pain and when I went to the dr today I asked her why do I look like im pre pubescent! I dont even think when I was in my teens I got acne like this...it is so ridiculous. And youre right...its not just on my face....its on my shoulders and arms, my belly, down my neck and chest. Im like WTH! You would think I didnt bathe or something. She said it was just hormones and would stop after I have the baby. I sure hope so bc this is not cute at all! 
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