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? about weekly progress

My Dr. started checking early me due to PTL and lots of contractions. Each week I have made progress. I am now 3cm, 100% effaced, and last week she said +1 station today all she said was baby is lower. My question is do a lot of women have continued weekly progress and then go into labor pretty fast? I just read a lot of vents about not enough progress. My doctor seems to think it will happen soon (not that anyone can predict). Well this afternoon contractions were 2-3 min apart for an hour so I went in. They didn't change anything and the nurse made me feel like a complete idiot and kept telling me how much better it is for my baby to keep her cooking longer (like I have control over that). I just didn't know if it was completely unrealistic for me to think that I might make it another few weeks. I am just thrilled I made it this far! Thanks ladies!

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