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PSA: Please read

My son nearly died last night so I wanted to share the info in case it might help someone else.

My husband is a night owl and stays up all night with our son so that his sleep doesn't get interrupted and neither does mine. He sleeps during the day while I look after our son (he works from home and travels frequently during his busy season but doesn't have a typical 9-5 job).

So generally our son sleeps in a pack n play in the living room since that's where my husband prefers to be. He's slept there since he was born so that we both were rested.

Last night, my son managed to roll to his tummy in his sleep (he can roll to his belly but not back over) and his face pressed against the mattress. Somehow, there was a little depression in the mattress, and he stopped breathing. Thank goodness my husband was there and was worried when he no longer heard Matthew, and he flipped him back over and away from the depression in the mattress, and he gasped and started to breathe again.

I'm not sure if the mattress is defective but I will be in touch with Graco about it because this should not be happening. The mattresses are supposed to be firm for the very reason to prevent this potential tragedy.

A lot of people think we're crazy for looking after Matthew in shifts like we do, but I don't even want to think of what I might have woken up to this morning if my husband hadn't been awake and actively caring for our son. I had a mini breakdown just thinking about it.

Check your PnP mattresses and make sure they are firm and safe! 

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