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My 4.5 mo old has no interest in rolling

Anyone else?  He is a big boy - 17lbs - and the pedi said it's fine and that he may not roll till 6 months.  He is perfectly happy to lie on his back and look around.  He does plenty of tummy time, though he doesn't like to do it for a long time. 



Re: My 4.5 mo old has no interest in rolling

  • I wouldn't worry about this.  DS has slept on his back from Day 1 and pedi says that this is probably why he is not interested either.  He started to push up on his legs and onto his hips while on his back but can't figure out what to do with his shoulders.  So he stopped.  :) 

    Pedi says that he will eventually put the pieces together but that it is nothing to worry about (because as soon as he rolls, he will start to crawl and then walk and then we'll never get anything done).

    Best advice I have ever heard about this was from another bumper:

    "Have you ever met an adult who can't roll over??  Thought so.  You're fine." :)

  • My 5 month old has no interest of doing this either and my pedi isn't worried, so I'm not either :)
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  • Mason has just now started to really support himself on his arms. He hated doing it for the longest time-but one day he just starting lifting himself. I mention it to the pedi all the time, she feels there is no need for concern and will let me know if she thinks he is "falling behind" I wouldnt worry.
  • DD hasn't shown any signs of rolling over so I don't see her doing it anytime soon.
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  • Don't worry. He'll do it when he's ready. L didn't roll until she was 5 months. She is big too - she was 21 lbs at 4 months old and I'm guessing she's about 25 lbs now.



  • My girl has no interest in rolling over, can't lift her head, has minimal head control and can't grab things but she's had low muscle tone from the beginning. Some babies are slower to do things. I wouldn't worry if you haven't had any problems before.
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  • DS didn't roll over until he was a few days shy of 6 months.  He was a butterball, and I think that's why he struggled so much.  DD is a little peanut, and she rolled belly-to-back at 2 months, and can almost make it over from her back to her belly now.  Every baby's different, nothing to worry about - even though DS rolled late, he was walking at 10.5 months!
  • My little girl has been rolling since 3 mos but my little boy has NO interest.  I wouldn't worry.  Each baby to it's own.
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  • DS seems like he has no desire!! he loves belly time and is happy as can be! the only time he really tried was at the doctor! she isnt concerened and either am I
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  • My DS is the same.  He's done it a handful of times, but not consistently. I'm not too worried about it right now. 
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