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pelvic bone pressure?

I'm assuming this is normal considering the baby is probably readjusting, but it's really uncomfortable.  My lower back has been bothering me on and off to the point where sometimes I feel like I can't move, but this is new.  I almost feel like I can't close my legs sometimes.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and intend on asking him about it too.  Thanks in advance!

Re: pelvic bone pressure?

  • I have this lately too, 32 wks 5 days and it is the pitts!  It started about 1-2 weeks ago and is pretty constant. It is worse when I lift one leg up but not the other, like to put on my pants. Or, when I'm walking. My next appt is next week and was going to try and tough it out, but am not sure what to do. It's mostly just annoying and uncomfortable.
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