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Hi!  I'm 32 weeks, live in Montclair and looking for baby furniture. After finally finding a dresser and crib that I like that aren't super expernsive at Babies R Us, I was ready to buy.  Turns out, the crib isn't in stock anywhere in NJ, NYC or PA! It was so frustrating!

I fee like I've been to all the chains.  Where else should I look for furniture?  Plus, I feel like time is running out.  Please help!


Re: Baby Furtniture North Jersey Help!

  • I am glad there's a post about thist, I want to start looking for furniture because I know myself, I am very picky and I know it's going to take me forever.... I went to Babies R Us and I thought they were very expensive, I was wondering where else to look, something less expensive.


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  • I was told to find smaller stores that stocked baby furniture if you wanted better prices.  We just moved to central Jersey and found this cute little shop in Sommerville.  We went in because they had these beautiful crochet outfits in the window and walked out having bought more than expected and ordering our furniture.  

    One of my friends also had luck on for her nursery.  I don't know how the shipping works on furniture, I've never ordered anything that large.  Good luck! 

  • im not much help since i got mine at BRU i was allowed to use 20%off coupon so i thought the prices were reasonable for the quality which is great!!


    did you check out JC PENNY??

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  • I love Lakeland Furniture in Wayne, they have great prices and can order anything you want from the top baby furniture makers.  We got a Sorelle set with my first and just ordered a Stanley Young American set for #2.  Their prices are the best I've found.  The owner is awesome and very knowledgeable.  But with only 8 weeks, you might be cutting it close, ours took 8 weeks the first time and we were told 8-10 this time.......If you go there, just be warned, the place looks like a total dump from the outside, don't let that sway you....good luck
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  • You can always try crib and teen city.
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  • I thought Lakeland was great too seems like they're a local institution... didn't see any cribs under about $600 tho... but maybe they have floor samples?

    crib/teen city or whatever it's called is running a special on munire (A-rated on Baby Bargains store) w/i think about 12 combos for $1200 (crib, mattress, changer pad and big dresser in a package)... i think that's where we MAY be going.  one combo package was $999 for all pieces.  they told me their munire stuff takes only 4-6 weeks for delivery but they had a lot of in stock too.

    also - a boutique/upscale place in CALDWELL on the main drag called SAPLINGS didn't seem to have any cribs under $800 but some of their decorations were SUPER cute and not bad priced but they had a sign syaing 25% off floor models.  very nice stuff!  good luck!


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  • I also used Lakeland Furniture in Wayne. I grew up in Wayne and it has been there FOREVER, so they must be doing something right. They are very nice and helpful. Also, they WILL sell you floor samples to help you save money. I was admiring a cute stuffed animal after I made my furniture purchase and they gave it to me for free! Highly recommend - I will get DC2's furniture there too when the time comes.
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  • Check out I found a crib/dresser/changer that I LOVED at BRU (Babyletto New Haven Collection) and when I decided to order, the changer was out of stock so I did further research and it turns out that had the entire set in stock with free shipping (the shipping at BRU would have run us an additional $200). We got our shipment a week and a half ago (within a week of ordering it) and everything came to us in perfect condition and ready to assemble. I checked them out with the BBB as well and they got a good review. Definitely worth a look!
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  • I got my baby furniture from Crib and Teen City. They are located on Rt 46 in Pinebrook which is not far from Montclair at all. I was not happy with babies r us and there furniture. Crib and Teen City is very helpful and when I went there was no sales pressure. They have great sales and packages.

    Good luck with your search.

  • Crib World on Rt. 10 East in (I think) East Hanover is having a big sale.  I may stop just to check things out, but it's too early for me to buy anything yet.
  • target has some nice stuff; i will be ordering my bed crib from bbyrus tho
  • I actually posted the same question a few days ago and thought I'd share the link and responses:

    Hope that helps!

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