3rd Trimester

anyone else feeling very anti-social?

i pretty much hate everyone right now and dont want to see anyone. its been going on for a few months now. the only people i want to see is my boyfriend, my mom sometimes, and one friend. everyone else just bugs me and i want to yell at them to STFU and go away. which is so not me. i usually love seeing people and hanging out with pretty much anyone. i guess its just a pregnancy/hormone thing. anyone else feel this way?

Re: anyone else feeling very anti-social?

  • TOTALLY normal. I feel the same way, and youre a few weeks ahead of me. I'm normally super social, but I've been a hermit for a lot of my pregnancy actually.
  • I am pretty unsocial right now also. I have been for the past couple of months. I have been keeping to myself lately. I just want to be with my DH and I don't want to go out in public. Not really sure why. I am happy and everything. I guess I just don't want to deal with people right now.

    You are not alone.

  • I am having a hard time not being irritated with people at work.  I am so tired of everyone!  I just want to be around my husband and my mom.
  • i feel anti-social, but its mainly because i'm home alone and with the weather this winter i havent left the house much.
  • OMG I am! The theory of hanging out with friends sounds nice but whenever it rolls around I semi-dread it. I just want to be at home in stretchy pants.
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  • I am not really bothered by people, but I have no interest in really going anywhere other than work. I would be perfectly happy if I could spend all of my time on the couch with DH right now. I think I have alienated a few of my friends lately, but I am hoping that things will normalize once we get into a routine with LO.
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  • image 2bMrsAnderson:
    i feel anti-social, but its mainly because i'm home alone and with the weather this winter i havent left the house much.


    I have really got a lot bigger and getting ready to leave the house is such a task. I know I should get out of the house but the weather sucks and I am just not in the mood. DH only comes into town once a month and I really look forward to those days. I am impossible to get a hold of around then. I am just really miserable, I feel really ugly and I feel like now it's only a matter of time before the baby is here. I am irritable on the Bump and with a few family family members. I just have no patience with anyone now. I don't want to see anyone in fear of snapping at them.  I feel like I am just sitting around waiting. It sucks.

  • Me too! I thought it was kinda weird but I just want to be at home and the only people I really want to see are my husband, and close family.
  • wow, i'm glad i'm not the only one. it's not that i am being miserable...i'm quite happy even though this pregnancy has been a bit nerve wracking for me after having experienced a late term loss before. i do see a therapist and i was thinking that my feeling of isolation had to do with that issue. But then again, i did feel like that with my last pregnancy.

    I am usually social but i like my alone time right now. other than hanging out with dh.   i'm just not in the mood for people either lol

  • I am usually very social, too. For most of this pregnancy, I just want to sit at home and I usually do (except to go to work). I'm hoping things will get back to "normal" once baby gets here!
  • I feel this way more towards the night time. I am not to the STFU point, but I do get to where i am done being around anyone, but DH. 
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