One breast more engorged - lump...

I'm still new to this so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but one of my breasts is always more engorged than the other. I pumped it today and try to feed her a little more on it, but it doesn't seem to help. I always have a ping-pong ball size lump on the top/side under the armpit as well. It seems like this dissipates on the other side after feeding, but never on this side and it is usually pretty sore but not painful. Is this normal? Anything I can do?

Re: One breast more engorged - lump...

  • Have you tried massaging it?  That helps me.
  • One of my breasts has always been more engorged and produces more than the other but it sounds like you have a clogged duct. Like PP said, try massaging it. You can also put a heat pack on it before nursing/pumping to help work it out. Both times that I've had one it took over a week for it to go away. Just keep an eye out for mastitis symptoms (body aches and the area may become red/hot to touch, fever). Most doctors won't treat a clogged duct until it becomes mastitis. Mine never did.  
  • Sounds exactly like a clogged duct. This happened to me on my right side, a hard, heavy spot near my armpit, to get it to come through I stood in the shower under hot water and squeezed the bejesus out of my boob!  Once I got it expressed, that breast evened out production wise and I haven't had a problem since.

    I know it sounds terrible but it beats running the risk of getting mastitis (imo).

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