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If your LO has had a 'word explosion'...

...what was it like?

I was starting to worry about Ben saying so little new words and was going to talk to his pedi about it at his 2 year appt next week.  However, from the weekend until yesterday, he has said 6 new words (blue, apple, elbow, boo-boo, hammer and yellow).  Is this what it's like?  How long did it last?  Did they just continue at this pace or did it slow down at some point? 

Thanks for any info.

Re: If your LO has had a 'word explosion'...

  • With both my kids, there came a point where they said so many new words that I couldn't keep track of them anymore.  At a point you just cease being surprised when they say something new.

    This happened at pretty different ages for my 2 kids.  For my daughter, it was around 17 months.  For my son, it happened around 25 months, but his articulation was pretty bad, so we could only understand about 50% of what he said for several months.

    Ben is probably starting the upward swing of the "bell curve" of new language development.  When he has about 50 to 100 words, he'll probably start putting them together in short sentences, then so many new words pop out each day that it's hard to keep track of them all.  It's a bell curve, because at some point they don't acquire so many new words -- they know enough words to communicate adequately about day to day stuff.  Then their new language acquisition becomes more like an older kid learning vocabulary words, and less like a toddler learning to talk.


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  • It started like you describe and then about 3 weeks ago DS started to repeat everything!  It was so exciting with the exception of him repeating "crap." 
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  • DD definitely had a word explosion, picking up multiple new words a day.

    I honestly can't say how long it lasted. DD's vocabulary is so huge at this point that it's hard to tell what new words she knows. But I've noticed that before she makes a jump in language, she'll start talking to herself (in her room at night, etc.) in gobbledygook language.

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  • image neverblushed:

    With both my kids, there came a point where they said so many new words that I couldn't keep track of them anymore.  At a point you just cease being surprised when they say something new.

    This is what I was going to say.  It got to a point with us where my mom or DH would say "Did you know he could say ______???!?!"  And I'm like "Well, I haven't heard him say it but that doesn't really surprise me."

    I don't know when this started (months ago) and he still says new words all the time. 

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  • For DD, we got a big burst around 21 months. It slowed down for a little bit, and now at 25 months, she's going like gangbusters all the time with new words and phrases every day. 

    She was "a little behind" at 18 months but had caught up by 24 months. I can't even keep track of all her words now. 


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  • Hello there! Smile

    Once Zach started talking in 'sentences' (2-4 words generally), his vocab really took off. In the past few months he has learned all his colors, sings several songs, can count from 1-10 in English and Spanish, etc, etc. Its pretty amazing! We are suprised constantly at the stuff that comes out of this kids mouth!! It has yet to slow down!


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  • At 21 months, Jude started repeating things.. then from there, it just picked up more and more!  Today he is putting 3 words together (like "Mama cut grape" or "Kitty blanket nap") which is new.  Even 3 months later, he's STILL picking up words left and right and his articulation is getting better.. a lot of words - only I can understand but he's really makign progress.  Try not to worry, Cheryll... honestly, picking up those 6 words from the weekend sounds like he's well on his way!!
  • I feel like mine have in the past few weeks, and particularly since their second birthday. In fact, we have an evaluation for them to continue speech therapy this afternoon, and when the appointment was set up back before Christmas, I was sure they'd qualify, but now I'm not so sure.
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  • It happened very quickly for Chase. About a month or so ago, he just fell into this crazy vocab explosion. He repeats EVERYTHING we say nad even speaks in sentences. Some examples:

    Mom, I love Rock N'Roll. (no idea where this obsession came from, but he will tell you all day everyday he loves Rock n roll)

    Here you go mom. Thank you. No Thank you. I love you. Some breakfast please. Let's play  (insert everything under the sun here). He also knows all of the sports and different types of balls. He is a true man and can sit and watc ESPN for hours if we let him.

    So to sum it all up, it just started to happen more frequently. 3 words here, 5 words there, then sentences.

    Also, have you noticed everything is "mom". He is already so "grown up", that I'm not even Mommy any more. Crying

  • It was JUST like that about a month ago....Its like shes had these words the whole time and now is just spitting them out because theres sooo many all at once... Even some 3 word sentences.
  • Mikey's speech exploded after he turned 2 and its been exponential since then. I really think he's been sitting there like a sponge for so long just absorbing everything because usually when he comes up with new words he's using them correctly and everything.
  • DS has always said a lot of single words.  Around 19-20 months, I started getting worried that he wasn't putting words together yet.  Then one day (around 21 months) it just clicked.  I think it started with "all done" and then it was all phrases and sentences from there.  I consider that his word explosion, it happened really fast.  Now he speaks in 3-6 word sentences. 
  • How exciting! :)

    I don't think I'm anywhere near a word explosion, but Alaina's picked up 4 words this week. I'm so proud.

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  • I'd say DS is in the middle of a word explosion.  Starting after Christmas, he was saying more new words and for the last two weeks it's been a new word or phrase almost every day (ie - cook, ball, book, dip, pull, pop, tea/T, bus, juice...door stuck, daddy out, step up).

  • Thanks ladies, this is really helpful.  Oh, and he started saying another new word this afternoon.  We were blowing bubbles in the house earlier and he looked at me and said, "Bubble!". 

    Erin(&Ryan)~ Hi!  So good to 'see' you.  I can't believe how big Zachary is - and congrats on the baby girl.  So exciting!

  • I don't think the word explosions ever stop once they start!  DD was somewhat of an early talker, and at one point it seemed like she was learning a new word or two a day.  Then a couple months later she progressed to 2-3 word sentences, and then another couple months later she progressed to at least 5-6 word sentences and now after another couple months it's whole paragraphs -- "I want to go downstairs and play.  I drink chocolate milk and watch Caillou and no Daddy drink my chocolate milk.  I want candy, that's my favorite."   It really blows my mind how quickly it progresses.  At 18 months (less than 10 months ago) she was only speaking 2-3 word phrases!
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