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Haven't been on in awhile and need some advice please

Hello!  My little guy is 10 months old and is still not wanting to eat solids of any kind.  He will eat stage 2 baby food but when it gets to having some chunks in it at stage 3 he refuses to eat it.  Is this normal?  Have any of you had the same issues and if so what did you do to help ease them into eating more chunky foods?


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Re: Haven't been on in awhile and need some advice please

  • My DD will not eat stage 3 purees.. Never would.. she would eat stage 2 purees and then certain "table foods".. but still refuses a lot.. She really likes cheese and pasta in small pieces.. but if it is something mushy like a puree mixed with chunks she will not eat it.
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  • What about eating things like puffs, yogurt melts or biter biscuits?

    Maybe finger foods and table foods will be better than chunky purees?

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  • Thanks!  I have tried the puffs, veggie stix, and yogurt melts and all he does is cry and throw them.  I was just hoping that my little guy was not the only one!


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