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T&P needed... going to ER

Two days ago I had some abdominal pain but it wasn't that bad so I figured it was just stretching/RLP. Yesterday it was worse but I figured I'd tough it out until my doctors appointment on Thursday. Today its even worse still and I literally cannot move. The pain radiates from my pelvic bone area up the left side of my tummy to about as high as my belly button. The pain is constant and any slight movement gives me a stabbing sensation that brings tears to my eyes. DH had to help me get dressed this morning. It was that bad.

I talked to my uncle who is an ER nurse and he said its best to go in. My doctors office told me today that if it gets worse, to go to the ER... So I'm going in. DH is on his way home and he's taking me in because there's no way I can drive. I really hope everything is okay and they can do something to make me comfortable.

I have been feeling LO move a lot today so that put my mind at ease a little but the severity of the pain has me worried. The only other time in my life I've been in this much pain was right when I got out of surgery for my kidneys. :(

 Ughhhh..... sorry this was long. Wish me luck. :-/


Re: T&P needed... going to ER

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