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Bleeding? Again? But it already stopped! TMI

SO I bled up until week 3 every day, and then it died down and sometimes I hardly bled at all, all the way til 4.5 weeks. And then it stopped, completely, and not until today have I had any bleeding. I don't know why, but when I went to the bathroom a little while ago, there was blood! The kind that's already turning brown, but there was some red blood. Not bright bright red, but definitely red. Any ideas?

Re: Bleeding? Again? But it already stopped! TMI

  • My bleeding stopped around 5 weeks ... then came back at 6 weeks. I still do not know if it is a period or pp bleeding.  I'm so sick of it.
  • i remember i had 'on and off ' bleeding till about 6 weeks after DD # 1, where it would stop for a few days and then start over again, and yes, when it would restart, it was be red again for me too. Do you have any fever? large clots? severe abdominal pain? if you do, call your OB right away, otherwise you could just give them a ring in the morning if you are worried at all. When is your Post-partum check -up? (i think i;s usually 6 weeks pp)
  • I'm still having it and I was 8 week PP on Thursday.  My doc said everybody is different. 

    Someone already said it- i you have fever, large clots, pain, etc, call. 

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  • I bled for 4 wks and then it stopped. 2 wks later I had 2 days of spotting and then it stopped. 2 wks later I has another 2 days of spotting and then it stopped. Nothing since.

    It can happen.

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