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My baby is a porker!!

I started off with BF, but stopped after about 1 week due to issues with latching/LOTS of pain/bleeding and started pumping which has been going well, but the pedi wanted me to start supplementing with formula because her weight wasn't coming up and I was having some issues with my supply at first.  Now my supply seems to be pretty good, but I am still supplementing during a couple feedings a day.  My issue is LO eats so much!! Before we started supplementing, she was eating only about 1 1/2 to 2oz. max (she was 6lbs. 4oz at the time).  As of yesterday, she has brought her weight up to 7lbs. 1oz and she is eating between 3 and 4oz per feeding!!  We try to give her no more than 3, but she will not settle for that.  I almost feel like I am overfeeding her!!  Anyone else have little bottomless pit babies??

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Re: My baby is a porker!!

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