2nd Trimester


I'm 14 weeks today and up until yesterday have had no spotting at all.  Yesterday I went to the dr and she said everything looked fine.  Now today I've spotted again and both days were at the same time.  Weird...well I was just wondering if anyone else has had this and even though dr said everything was ok it still makes me a little nervous!

Re: Spotting...

  • I had multiple episodes of spotting starting at 12 weeks. Call your doc to let them know, but it's probably nothing as long as it has stopped now. Drink water, take it easy, is what they're gonna tell you, but they want to know that stuff.
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  • I had this happen between 12-15 weeks. My nurse said they call it old blood. My issue was very mild, dark red/brown in color and didn't last but a few times. She said it can be stimulated to expel from sex, exercise, or just because... try not to worry. Now, my nurse did say that if it was non-stop either light or heavy lasting more than 2 days then I should come in. Hope you feel better. :o)
  • A little bit of spotting is usually nothing to be concerned about.  If it comes with cramping or is really heavy, go to your doctor ASAP.  Try not to worry if it's just a little brown spotting.

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