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Prenatal massage question

So Dh got me a 60 minute massage gc for valentines day and I called the place and they don't offer the belly laying kind only the side massage. Not to sound ungratefull but I was REALLY looking forward to laying on my stomach and letting that sucker hang down. Plus I know personally my shoulders and neck already hurt so much from having to lay only on my sides. Has anyone had either and what was your experience like? Do they make you flip over to do the over side? I can break the massage up into 2 30 minute or just keep it for 60. Don't get me wrong a massage sounds wonderful I just don't see how laying on my side while getting it is gonna be that relaxing.
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Re: Prenatal massage question

  • I had a prenatal side-massage when I was about 20 weeks along, and at the time it was very comfortable. So I would say go for it! Even if you do have to switch sides the masseuse should be very proficient at helping you switch sides while keeping you comfortable!
  • Its actually more relaxing than it sounds.  I had one two weeks ago and I am headed for another this afternoon.  You do switch at the 30 minute mark, but really I promise its worth it.  Its nice for someone else to focus all their energy on taking care of you, even if its just an hour!! ENJOY!!
  • I have a 1/2 hr one done monthly.  I start out on my back propped up by a couple of pillows.  Then about 1/2 way through, I lay on my left side.  I still find it to be really relaxing and she's able to work out alot of the knots that I get in my neck and shoulders.
  • i would ask if they have a chair...my massage therapist does me in one of those massage chairs so im not putting pressure on my belly but i dont have to lay on my side either...
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  • I had one & had to lay on my side. I was disappointed at first too because I wanted to be able to lay on my belly, but it was actually really enjoyable.  I did have to flip to the other side halfway through.

    I would break it up into 2 sessions if I were you.  I chose a 30 minute massage & by the end I REALLY had to pee.  I would not have been comfortable for an additional 30 minutes. 

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  • I had on 3 weeks ago and was worried about the same thing. Mine was a side lay and was really great. I also have pain while on my side, or any position for that matter, but it didn't bother me at all. They wedged me in good with a body pillow and some comfy towels. I flipped half way through so that she could get my other half and they just moved the pillows to the other side. I went out after and bought a body pillow for home and have had less back pain since. Lo even stopped rumbling aruond long enough for me to enjoy. Good luck
  • I've had massages both ways and while I prefer laying on my belly, I certainly wouldn't turn down a side-laying one.  You will flip over and she'll do both sides.  Go ahead and enjoy!!
  • I've gotten a couple prenatal massages (60 mins). Here's how they typically go...

    I've started on my back propped with a pillow under my head and knees. This is when they really work out the kinks in my neck (usually turn your head to each side) and shoulders. Then they do arms and legs... doesn't do much for me but I figure it won't hurt to get the circulation going to help with swelling. Then I turn to one side and stay on that side for the duration of my back massage. Usually they ask which side is more comfortable and put a pillow under my head, between my knees and a 3rd one to hug. It's actually a very comfortable position. You would be surprised how much they can work your back in this position. Now it's not as good and deep as it would be if you were to lay on your tummy but it still works out the tightness and knots for me.

    I say go for the full 60 mins. It always goes by so fast and you could always ask them just to concentrate on certain areas. Enjoy!

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  • I had one where the table did not have the stomach cut out but I still sort of layed on my tummy.  She just had me prop pillows under one side so I was sort of up slightly.   Then halfway thru she switched the pillows to the other side.  I guess that would depend on how comfy you are on your stomach - I still sleep that way often. 
  • I've had 3 pregnancy massages now, 2 on my side and one that had the belly cutout, and they've all been fantastic. I had one this weekend that was on my side, and their pillows were so big and fluffy and comfy, that it was nothing like trying to get comfortable on my side in my own bed! I did love the stomach one though, because I'm a tummy sleeper and it was the first time in months I got to lie on my stomach...but I have read that those might not be great for you because of stretching ligaments or something, and I've heard other people say they didn't like them as much.

    So, in a nutshell, go and enjoy it! And I would totally do the full hour, it's so relaxing! Just pee right before you go in. :)

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  • image misscharlotte04:
    I had a prenatal side-massage when I was about 20 weeks along, and at the time it was very comfortable. So I would say go for it! Even if you do have to switch sides the masseuse should be very proficient at helping you switch sides while keeping you comfortable!

    This!  Mine was heavenly and I am going back for another one later this week!

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  • Maybe you can pay for a belly-laying massage now and use the certificate for after the baby arrives?  This way you will be getting the luxury you want now, and still getting to use the present later.  I am going to try the Aveda massage where they lay you on the water-filled cushion things.  We'll see!  Good luck and yay for sweet hubbies!
  • Thanks ladies! I was just a huge belly sleeper pre pregnancy and hate having to try to find a comfy position on my side but nice to know it will hopefully be more enjoyable than I thought. Now just to decide on the 2 30 min or the 60...
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  • I won't go on my belly for a massage now since I got pregnant, its just not comfortable, even with the hole. I actually stopped a women after about 15 mins b/c I was so uncomfortable, she credited me and I'll go back after I have the baby since she wouldn't do a side laying massage. Laying on your side is oh so comfortable, you hug a bunch of pillows and they really work on the side that's up then yes you switch sides and the work on the other side. its a little different than a regular massage but they really work out all the kinks so its worth it ten fold!

    Oh and I would keep the 60 mins, 30 mins for a massage isn't much and they won't be able to really work out a lot of stuff. I would do 90 actually if they offer and just pay a little more!

  • I just got my first prenatal massage yesterday. It was side lying. It was wonderful. The lady who gave me the massage said that most pregnant women are very uncomfortable on their stomach with the cut out table. She said it actually puts more strain on your back and that side lying is best. It was the best hour. Felt great.
  • I have had several maternity massages this pregnancy, this past weekend being the most recent one.  All have been side-lying.  There aren't even any places around here that do the ones with the belly cutout...i have read and heard that those can be uncomfortable due to the weight of the uterus and the stretching of ligaments.

    I start out on my back, with the back of the table slightly upright and pillows under my knees.  Then after neck, shoulders, feet, etc they have you roll to one side and work that area then roll to the other side.  It's been FABULOUS every time.  Extremely relaxing and wonderful!

    Try not to drink too much water beforehand as you don't want to have to hop off the table to pee in the middle....but afterward make sure you drink lots to "flush" your system.

    Enjoy your massage.

  • As a massage therapist I just wanted to chime in.... the tables with the cut-outs aren't that good for you...it does put a lot more strain on your body. 

    If the therapist is experienced in prenatal massage then they should be able to make a side-lying experience wonderful for you, especially since there is greater access to things like your hips and shoulders (which is usually the 2 areas most women request work on).  

    Enjoy your gift - it sounds like someone really loves you!  


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