Does FedEx ship on Presidents Day?

Im following the shipping of the girls new bunk beds and it says they should be here tomorrow.  But when I look at the last update it says "in transit in Knoxville Tn"  That is where they have been since Sat.  Im just curious if they will really get here tomorrow since today is Presidents day. 

I hope so because Im off Wed. and can put them together.  The girls are driving me nuts over them.  I hope nothing is broken this time. 


Re: Does FedEx ship on Presidents Day?

  • I don't know about FedEx, but I'm expecting a UPS shipment today.  Tracking says it left for my house at 4:51 this morning :)
    L 7/06 E 8/07 L 6/10 imageimageimage
  • Our office just received a Fedex shipment, so yes the do ship :)
    Cheryl, Evan 4.25.05, Paige 7.2.07
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