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Cloth diapers????

DH and I are thinking of using cloth diapers.  My sister was allergic to anything else, so my mom used them with her, but that was well over 15 years ago.  She used a service at the time.  Is anyone looking into this or know anyone who has experience with them?  Can you clean them on your own?  Do you want to?

Re: Cloth diapers????

  • We are planning on having several cloth diapers for backups just in case we run out of disposable ones. I am pretty sure that we wont have any problems with washing them ourselves. Children can create larger messes than just dirty diapers so I'm pretty sure we can handle a few dirty diapy's. Thats what being a parent is all about, dealing with things that you never thought you would or even could. But cross my fingers I wont have to use them often, Stick out tongue!
  • I'll be using a local service.  There are new things called snappi's that you use instead of pins.  Pretty cool!  Some people I know launder their own but it's not much more money for the service for me and seems a lot easier.

    I believe there's an environmental parenting board (eco-friendly parenting).  I've used




    and my local store:


  • The Eco Friendly Family board has lots of good advice for cloth diapers, too. :)
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  • We aren't using cloth diapers because we do not have our own washer/dryer and would be living at the laundry mat and a diaper service isn't an option for us because of the money. . so it's disposable for us :)
  • We're planning on using cloth diapers, along with a service that does all the washing (they use less water and its more sanitary than doing it at home). The end cost is cheaper than disposable.

    However, we are definitely going to have some disposable ones around for traveling, etc. We're looking into compostable diapers for this purpose.

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  • We are going to use them, this is a blog that I have found to be sooo great! Good Luck!! http://theecofriendlyfamily.blogspot.com/
  • We are using CD's and I have done a lot of research (but I can'ttell you yethow they work)

    The Eco family board has a wealth of knowledge and can answer anand everquestion you can think of.

    We are usinga mix between prefolds (what your mom probably used) with snappis (instead of pins to hold them together we have 3) with covers (we have 6) and All-in-ones (AIO's) (we have 3 in xsm and 3 in sm) finally we bought 2 wool covers to put on over the diapers for extra protection at night.

    You will also need a diaper pail (trashcan works great) with at least 1 pail liner, most people like to have 2 so that when one is being washed with the diapers you have another but we will probably just use a pillow case when washing. You will also need at least one wetbag to carry with you in your diaper bag for when you are out and about.

    We made our own laundry det. using the eco friendly blog which has gotten great reviews and is very cheap and lasts next to forever.

    Finally we are using a diaper sprayer. It is not necessary but makes washing off the poo eaiser. You hook it to your toliet and it sprays off anything that is on the diaper (you can buy the parts at home depot and put it together yourself for 1/2 the price of buying one).

    I know this sounds overwhelming and like a lot, but it really is not bad. It will save you an average of 1,000 to 1,500 dollars over sposies, you child will likely potty train quicker because they will notice being wet, and of course it is better for the environment. I hope this is helpful!!! Good luck to you.


  • Definitely check out the EFF board.


    We are using fitted and prefolds with covers for the newborn stage, then we will probably use pockets and AIOs once she hits about 10-12 pounds or so.

  • We plan on using Bum Genius 3.0 One Size (they make all in ones as well...also referred to as AIO).

    Check here for the most amazing blog about cloth diapering. She writes up BG3.0 as well as the flushable pad things she uses that I also plan to use so that way the solids get flushed away instead of having to rinse them out and such.


  • We're doing cloth diapers, we're using prefolds and wool covers for the NB stage and then switching to pockets once the baby is bigger and can fit in them (like go from 10-40 lbs usually). We registered at a local store for the diapers and will buy anything that isn't given to us as a gift. We'll have to use some sposies when we send our child to daycare since I can't find one that will use cloth but at least it will be limited.
  • image willowcormar:
    We are going to use them, this is a blog that I have found to be sooo great! Good Luck!! http://theecofriendlyfamily.blogspot.com/


    We are going to cloth diaper.  I have used the above blog as a great source of info.  I am doing a combo of different things.  i am starting with the old school prefolds (rectangles) for when LO is first born.  And from there I plan on making my own diapers.  I want to have LO on hand to make them to fit his booty.  I have already made some preliminary designs and i am very happy with them!

    CDing has so many advantages, saves money, good for baby's skin, good for the environment........it takes some extra work, but it is just an extra 2-3 loads of laundry per week.  There is so much info out there about how washing diapers doesn't hurt your washer or contaminate anything, no worries.  

  • We're going with one of the cheapest cloth diapering options: pre-folds with covers.

    We have 3 dozen chinese prefolds and 8 thirsties duo-wrap covers (size 1). 1 dozen premium-sized chinese prefolds and 4 thirsties v2 covers (x-small and small) for overnight. Oh, and 4 snappis to keep the prefolds nice and snug.

    We'll have to buy a few more covers in larger sizes, but for the most part we're set.

    There are a LOT of cloth diapering options: all-in-ones, one-sizes, fitted diapers, different types of covers and wraps. It can be overwhelming. Check out this website for some helpful reading:



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  • We will be cloth diapering. I suggest that you check out the Eco Friendly Family board, and their blog. Pinstripesandpolkadots.com has some great information as well. It is a lot to understand and make sense of at first. It took me a month or so of researching before I figured out what I wanted to do.

    We will be using a combo of prefolds w/ covers (Wool and PUL), fitteds, and pockets for the newborn stage.
    After that I have a variety of one-size All-In-Ones, pockets, and fitteds to choose from.

    I am very excited to cloth diaper it is definitely the right choice for our family. And dont be freaked out by "all the laundry." From everyone I have talked to its maybe two extra loads per week, and you will be doing more laundry anyway. Babies blow out of sposies somewhat often, so you are dealing with poop and extra laundry anyway. 

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  • We will be cloth diapering. We will use newborn disposables until the cord falls off. We have prefolds and covers for after that. I have a couple of snappies, but the friend I got all of this from said she never used them for either child, that the covers hold just fine on a newborn. Then we are going with a SweetDollBaby AIO (All in one, adjustable size) that I found on eBay. They have 10 cute colors. The price per diaper is half of what many of the other brands are, because they are a startup company, but are getting great reviews!

    My DH also went to home depot to buy the parts to install a diaper sprayer which we will have with the diaper pail in our second bathroom. I will wash them myself with the same detergent I will use to wash LOs clothes.


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  • Look like you got a lot of responses, but I wanted to add two more resources that I have found very helpful:


    www.diaperpin.com (it has reviews and forums about  CDing - TONS of info)

    Good sites to buy from (they also have info and trial packages)





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  • You guys are awesome!  Thank you so much for all of the input!

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