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Graco travel system?

My husband and I went to look at strollers/travel systems today and were so overwhelmed! We're leaning toward the Graco line, but I'd like to hear about people's experiences with them first. Any thoughts? Both pros and cons welcome!


Re: Graco travel system?

  • We have a Chicco travel system and love it.
  • We have the Quattro Tour in Nouvelle for our DD and I love it!  When we were looking at BRU I had originally pulled out an Evenflo stroller and one of the sales associates said I didn't want that one.  I had pulled it out for the pattern.  She said they didn't do as well as the Graco's.  I like how the Graco folds up on all 4 wheels so no fabric is touching the ground.  The Evenflo folded up and the fabric touched the ground which had the potential to get very dirty.  And the Graco is so smooth rolling also.  That's just my take though.  GL.
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  • We have the Graco Quatro Tour Deluxe in Townsend and LOVE it! Its a Snugride 32 seat and the stroller has some real nice features. The car seat is a bit heavy but I love that DS will be able to stay in it a little longer than other car seats.
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    We have a Chicco travel system and love it.


  • I have the Graco Quattro Tour and I am honestly not happy.  It was a pain to install and LO looks miserable in it.  The stroller part is also pretty heavy.  Originally, we were going toward Chicco because my best friend had this system and loved it.  I read and compared both and THOUGHT that the Graco was a better deal, but like I said, I'm not happy.  I planned to use this one for the next baby, but now I'm not so sure.  It looks like I'm the only one with this opinion so far though!
  • We have the Quattro Tour in Hamilton and love it! It is heavy, but I tested several brands out in the store and the Graco wasn't any heavier than the rest. Actually, between the seat and holding DS I'm starting to develop some arm muscles :) It's really sturdy and there's plenty of room for the diaper bag in the bottom.
  • we have the quattro tour deluxe in deco and love it.  Yeah the stroller is a bit bulky but I can actually get it up with one hand and I can pick it up. It seems to ride very nicely too.  we are happy with it
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