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AW: Brody's here! PIP

Brody Vaughn joined us February 1st at 12:56 PM.  I was induced that morning around 5:00 and everything progressed pretty fast in my opinion.  My water started to leak on its own, but my doctor completed the process around 7:00.  I tried to hold out on the epidural for as long as possible, but once my water broke, my contractions got way more intense.  I was about 4 cm when I gave in, only to find out that I had to wait another 20 minutes for the IV to finish before they could give it to me.  I was told before not to be a superhero and to get the epidural ASAP, but I had no clue that I had to wait for the IV...FYI ladies! Indifferent  Honestly, the epidural was the worst part for me.  I was nervous about it to begin with and needles don't normally bother me, but you can actually hear popping noises as the needle is going in.  Because they make everyone leave the room during that process, my husband decided to get coffee because we thought he had time.  However, 30 minutes later, I was in intense pain again (the epidural didn't take on my right side) only to find out that I was now dilated 9 cm.  They reinjected the epidural, called the doctor in and we began some practice pushes (and my hubby made it back in time).  Once the doctor got there, I only pushed for 20 minutes before Brody came into the world.  He weighed in at 7 pounds, 3.3 ounces and was 20.5 inches long...To all of you who are concerned about measuring small or not gaining/showing a lot, it doesn't mean you are going to have a small baby!  Because I had gestational diabetes, his blood sugar had to be monitored, but all of his readings were normal.  I had to be put on magnesium sulfate because my blood pressure was extremely high the entire day (except during the actual pushing...go figure).  My bottom number stayed in the 90s/100s and would shoot up when I was in pain.  We thought it was nerves at first, but it never went down so I had to be monitored closely.  By Wednesday, everything returned to normal so I was able to go home.

He's been a perfect baby so far...he doesn't cry and sleeps really well.  We have been very lucky!  Good luck to the rest of you...I guess I'm moving on now!



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