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Stuck in the middle-Help!

I am in need of some advice.  Firstly I am 28 weeks preggo, I have a 14 mo, 6 yr, 12 yr and 15yr...we are blended family and the 14 mo and baby are ours together.  I am currenly a full time customer service/sales supervisor.  My plans were not to return to work after our baby girl is born in the spring.  Since we would be paying over $1K per month for daycare.  We have gone over and over our money matters and after very careful thought and consideration DH approached his company for a raise, they agreed to give him a job that he could do on weekends from home (they are hurting for money like the rest of the employers in CA).  The extra money will just help make ends meet so that I can stay home (of course there will be some cutting back of course).  Here is the problem; my 6 yr is having problems at school.  The school is at wits end with him and we are now getting him tested so that we can diagnosis and treat him.  I feel like I really need to focus on him right at this exact moment and I want to quit my job tomorrow but being so close to the baby's birth I feel would really hurt us since I wouldn't get my FMLA.  What would you do?  I feel very torn.  I'm missing a lot of work anyway because the school will call me over to stay with him throughout his classes so that he can stay in class without being "suspended." This whole week for example I have had to leave the office 3 times.  I sent an email to my corporate office to explain the situation and he didn't email me back anything at all.  I have no vacation or personal time left...

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