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I am really excited about my upcoming baby shower.  Three of my girlfriends are throwing it for me and it is on March 6.  The invites have not gone out for the shower as yet and one of the hostesses said they would go out earlier this week and she has been waiting for the printing place to deliver. Is it rude to ask her to tell me when the invites are going to go out? I don't want to bug, but we are three weeks away from the shower this weekend and since this is my only shower I want to make sure everyone can come.
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Re: Invitation Timing

  • Stay out of it. If friends ask you can tell them when the date is, but don't ask about the invites. You are not hosting.
  • My impulse was to stay out of it, but I am a planner by nature.  Thanks for the reinforcement.

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  • Although etiquette dictates that you stay out of it...I would ask if they had gone out.  I would maybe mention that people have been asking you about when the shower is, etc.  3 weeks out...there is still time.
  • Um, the shower is in 3 weeks! I'm a total planner as well, and the invitations should have already gone out or go out this minute. I'm having a shower for my best friend March 13, and got the invites out on January 30. Yes, I know that may be a little early, but there are a lot of out of towners, so I took that into consideration. It's nice to get them out about 4 weeks in advance, so people can pencil it into their schedule;)
  • i understand that.  you should still be okay, especially if people are close by that are invited.  My wedding shower invites went out less than a week before so people weren't able to make it, but three weeks should be sufficient.  It is hard and I understand not wanting to wait. 
  • You could always ask for a copy of the invitation for the baby book. That way you know kinda when they were mailed out.
  • Thanks all for your advice.  My group being invited is about half and half with out of towners and family.  I think I am going to just leave it alone for this weekend and if I don't receive by Tuesday I can ask again.  I am a HUGE planner and I always get invites out at least 4-5 weeks before an event.  I guess not all planners are created equal :)
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  • They should go out this weekend, you are correct.  I would not ask the host, I would ask someone close to you, who you know will be getting one (mom or MIL, perhaps)?  Here's where your problem lies - it's out of your hands.  If they don't get out until March 5th, there's really not much you can do beyond being bummed - they're throwing the shower, and it'd be rude and very unclassy of you to complain about the invitations and their timing.  So, try to relax.
  • Absolutely agree and I am very grateful that I have good friends that would throw a shower for me. I am very LUCKY.
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