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Kinda weird... need bra help!

I am not particularly, um, well-endowed.  Honestly, much of the time, I can wear a shelf tank and be good to go. 

I guess I have gotten a little bigger since getting pg.

Here is my problem.  Having anything "cut into" me at the top of my stomach ( under my bra line) makes me extremely nauseous.( I don't need any help in that area!)  I have felt really crappy this week, save for yesterday when I was home braless.  I just made the connection today. 

I guess my question is are there any bras out that that you felt were really, really comfy?  Or even maternity tanks with a built in bra? 

Ugh.... it was so bad today, I contemplated taking my bra off at work .


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Re: Kinda weird... need bra help!

  • I picked up several Nike sports bras that are supportive but stretchy and not too tight at all. Although I can tolerate a reg bra these are great and may be just what you need.
  • I'd buy a nursing tank and start wearing it now!  Brand-wise, Target (Gillian O'Malley) is popular, as is Bravado -- Target is cheaper, Bravado is more supportive.  I also have a La Leche League nursing tank.  I don't like Glamourmom, personally, but that's another option too.  Nursing tanks are often long in the torso, but covering your belly may not be the biggest issue for you.  Good luck!
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  • Ditto the looser sports bras!
  • Another vote for Target nursing tanks.  They also have some non-underwire, stretchy bras that are comfy.  I have some glamourmom tanks as well, but I think they are a little more snug.

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  • I bought a couple nursing tanks at Motherhood Maternity, and they are super comfy. I have started wearing them now! I am in your same "size category," so it really hasn't been a big deal for me to go without an actual bra. :)



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  • In Canada:  Thyme Maternity has a large selection of maternity and nursing bras that are moderatly priced and very comfy!


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