Can Braxton Hicks wake you up?

I was up all night with lower back pain and menstrual-like cramps.  At times it would wake me out of sleep.  It didn't really feel like contractions because there wasn't really tightening and releasing, more ongoing pain.  And, this morning, it has virtually stopped.  I am 22 weeks.  Possible BH?  Any other thoughts?  I will probably call my OB and run it by him when the office opens.  
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Re: Can Braxton Hicks wake you up?

  • Could be Braxton Hicks but do you think that maybe you could have a UTI?

    Hope you feel better soon!


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  • How are you already 22 weeks?  Seriously, you ladies all seem to be flying through your pregnancies!

    And I have no idea about the BH.  Sorry!  :-)

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  • Constant doesn't sound like BH to me.  I would definitely call your OB.
  • Hi,

     I have been having BHs since 16 weeks which is scary since I've already had an early delivery....but yes, they can wake you up.  Sometimes mine border on being uncomfortable but my doc says that he isn't concerned.  Could it be round ligament pain by chance?

     I would still call you dr. just in case though.

  • They did for me...but I have an "irritable uterus" and was on bedrest both times due to preterm contractions and then preterm labor with DD.  My contractions always started that early on and with DD caused me to dilate and efface prematurely.  Had to get the steroid shots for her lungs at less than 32 wks.  I'd definitely mention it to your OB.  They might want to monitor those contractions and possibly prescribe some Terb or Procardia.
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