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I have no idea how you ladies go thru the night and not pump.

I've been trying to drop my night pump for over a month now!  Three clogged ducts later, I think I'm giving up.  I pumped at 10 before going to bed and just woke up w/ rock hard boobs.  I pumped 8oz from one and 7.5oz from the other.  I thought your supply was supposed to decrease at night.  Ugg.  I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and want some blessed sleep!!!

Re: I have no idea how you ladies go thru the night and not pump.

  • IF I sleep through the night I wake up with soaked breast pads, a wet shirt and huge painful boobs. I've given up on sleeping through the night and just set my phone to go off at 4 so I wake up to pump. I figure 1/2 hour of being awake is better then the alternative, especially since the baby has trouble nursing if I forget to pump and I've had mastitis once already, not to mention the pain of clogged ducts. Good luck, let me know if your productions starts to go down at night as mine seems to go up at night versus when I pump at work (3-5 oz every 3-4 hours during the day vs. 6-8 oz at night)
  • Well Delilah still wakes 3-4 times a night to nurse, so I definitely don't have this problem ;)
  • Wow I'm sorry you guys have to deal with this! I wonder how long your lo's have been sttn, maybe it'll get better the longer that happens. Though, ibimagine pumping will only make it worse? What if you only pump for 5 mins just to get the gorge out? Maybe it'll start slowing production? I use to have to pump the "other" breast in the morning because it was so painful, but that only kept the milk coming, so I weaned it, it took about a week that I was comfortable enough not to pump and now my boobs hardly even feel inflated at all.
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  • ditto pp about pumping only to relieve engorgement. if you continue to drain yourself, you're telling your body you need that much milk at that time.
  • I pump before I go to bed, which is usually about 2 hours after DD's last feeding. I'm doing it to build up a stash for when we start solids, and for when we get DD on a bottle. And sometimes DD will still wake up during the night for a feeding so I don't wake up engorged all the time, only when she STTN. And if I do wake up this way, I just express about an ounce out of each side just to relieve some of the pain and make it easier for DD when she nurses. That helps a lot.
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  • How many nights in a row have you gone without pumping? 

    Once DS started STTN, it took about 2 weeks for the painful engorgement to go away.  For me, the whole supply and demand thing takes some time to work itself out.  

  • You really just have to suck it up for about a week.  I would hand express what I had to (maybe an ounce from each) and that was it.  My boobs were HUGE and hurt so bad, but now they are fine...just in time for Henry to decide he wants to eat around 4:30am each morning now. 
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  • It gets better after a few days.  The first time he sttn I woke up in pain and drenched.  It got better and better each day, and now I can go from 10pm until around 8:00am.  Sometimes at 10pm he doesn't eat on one side, so I can go 12 hours if I have to.
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  • image MrsErinnElizabeth:
    Well Delilah still wakes 3-4 times a night to nurse, so I definitely don't have this problem ;)
    same here. When he used to STTN though, I just had a week or so of being uncomfortable and then my body adjusted. I never pumped at night and my supply is great, it goes up and down according to demand.
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  • I tried it since the middle of Jan! I'd pump about 10:30 and wake up about 7.  It was painful and all that, but I wanted my body to think I didn't need to pump.  Well, it never got the message. 


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