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TMI question--the big H

OK, this didn't happen to me with my first pregnancy until after labor and delivery.  And at that point, so much hurt in that general area, I didn't do anything specific for the hemorrhoids. But here I am, barely half way done, and in pain the last couple of days from one lousy little hemorrhoid.  (what an awful word, btw).  Anyone else?  Anyone have advice for what relieves the pain without potentially making the situation worse?


Re: TMI question--the big H

  • hahaha, I JUST POSTED THIS! If you look in my profile thing, you can get to the post from there, lots of ladies gave good advice! GL!
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    hahaha, I JUST POSTED THIS! If you look in my profile thing, you can get to the post from there, lots of ladies gave good advice! GL!

    Oops, thanks!  I didn't see a post title about it on the first page, but that was as far as I looked, and I haven't been around tonight. 

    Glad to know I'm not alone, but sorry you're going through this, too!  Like you, I don't need anything softened.  Embarrassed  But I do need some pain relief!  I think I'll call my nurse in the am and have that wonderful conversation with her.  

  • hehe, No problem! I re-read my initial post and hope the first line didnt come off as snobbish as it sounded. I was just happy I wasnt the only one who was going to post about it! But I do know the bump has died down, and I'm not sure if those same girls are on or not. But good luck to you! I hope you find relief! Wink
  • I haven't experienced this yet but I'm just waiting for the marvelous day that I can relate... I secretly have been waiting for posts to see what to do when it does happen.

    p.s. your dog on the left kind of has a face like he's trying to avoid one. very cute pups. Geeked

  • Because I have ulcerative colitis, I have had to deal with these too often. 

    First thing, ditch the thongs!  (Obviously) 

    For immediate relief, I fill the tub with the hottest water I can stand and sit in it- only about an inch or two,  just enough water to cover that area for about 15 minutes.

    Using wipes, such as the hem. wipes, instead of TP also helps.  

    I'm not sure if we can use the creams or other meds while pregnant, but that's at least something you can start with.  

    Good luck! 

  • Warm baths with epsom salts help a lot. Plus it's just downright relaxing. I've never been a big bath person, but I've been taking a couple a day with lavender epsom salt and it has helped big time.
  • Drink a ton of water, and take Colace off and on.. :)
  • I don't waste $ on Tucks pads. Using a bottle of witch hazel and cotton balls or gauze is much more cost-effective.  You can put them in the fridge to help even more.

    Sitz baths are wonderful as well.  Also, switch to non-thongs (if you're a thong gal, that is).

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  • Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm is wonderful.  It's cooling and soothing.  Worked better than anything the doctor gave me.  Hope you feel better soon!
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