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"The business of being born" movie

Has anyone else seen this movie/documentry? Ricki Lake is the producer.  It's pretty interesting! Hospitals vs midwifes. It's more so relating to United States hospitals, so I can't relate to it to much since I live in Canada, but I think it's pretty interesting for all mothers to watch!  Curious if who has seen it and live in the States...what are your thoughts?


Re: "The business of being born" movie

  • I have a long way to go til 3rd trimester, but I just watched it yesterday. It was not nearly as propaganda as I thought it would be. It pointed out the need for medical interventions at times, but mostly focused on home birth and the lack of informed birth options.

       I thought it had a lot of good facts. I was most interested on the use of Pitocin and how often it is given. I still think that a hospital birth is the best choice for me, it did not change my opinion on that. 

      Overall I thought it was a good movie with a lot of interesting points. I enjoyed it. 

  • I agree with the pp on all points.
  • I really liked it (I've seen it twice, now).  DH, on the other hand, thought it was propaganda. 
  • DH actually sat and watched it with me and we both found it very interesting.

    It basically didn't change my view as far as a hospital birth is concerned - I still like the security factor of the NICU being right there and having all those doctors readily available. However, it also solidified my choice to have another med-free birth.


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  • It is a bit of propaganda, but it is also eye opening and although I don't plan to have a homebirth it solidified my feelings about going natural. 
  • FYI - for those who haven't seen it, Netflix has it and it can be watched immediately (via internet or those lucky girls with a netflix capable TV/DVD player).

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  • Loved it.  Watched for the 2nd time a couple nights ago w/ DH.  He enjoyed it too! 
  • DH and I were all about induction and an epi (we thought he was going to be out of the country, so we were going to fly him in for a weekend and induce while he was home), but we watched the film together, and we were both totally convinced that induction was a bad idea. Funny, because DH is pretty hard to convince.  We had decided that, even if it meant that he wouldn't be here, induction was not for us.  Since then, he's found out that he's staying here anyway.
    DH is all about trying a home birth after watching the DVD.  I, on the other hand, am not convinced about that part.  After I was born, I had a cardiac arrest and kidney failure the morning I was supposed to come home from the hospital.  If I had been home, I would have died.  I like the security of a hospital birth.

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