2nd Trimester

craving anything sweet

I haven't craved anything "unusual", but I've definitely been craving and eating TONS of sweets, which I've always liked but always been able to control intake on. Lately though, I've been eating Ice cream, cookies, chocolate, and anything I can get my hands on like there's no tomorrow. 

I'm worried I'm going to take my glucose tests and fail them... Starting this week I've desperately tried to cut way back on my sugars, including the white carbs and starches that aren't sweet, but contribute. Anyone else deal with this? Has your doc warned you that too many sweets could cause gestational diabetes? Don't want to let my pregnancy cravings hurt the baby, but I could really go for some ice cream pretty much all the time.

Re: craving anything sweet

  • Yes, I'm going to have an oreo tattooed to my arse! I have never in my life ate so many stinking cookies. I don't understand it all but it just works that way for some of us. I will say that I was really good about restraining myself the first 6 mos. This past week I went to Publix and bought a package of double stuf oreos. I thing I might have ate an entire row last night. I don't recommend doing this - it will do nothing for your bowels. Oiy! My stomach is going to ache until I'm able to hit the gym in the morning!

     Good luck sweetie! (no pun intended) Geeked

  • I've been doing ok at controlling my sugar intake, but I eat carbs like crazy. (Don't get me wrong, I have my share of sugar, but luckily I'm craving milk so I'll have a piece of chocolate with a full glass of milk and it fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time)  I had no problems with my glucose test even though I thought it might be an issue.  

    Definitely don't go overboard with everything, but I don't think it's good to fight your cravings; hormones are bad enough without denying yourself.  If I tried to stop eating chocolate or carbs I'd be a blubbering mess 24/7

  • My doctor told me eating too many sweets does not put you at risk for GD. She said risk factors include:  High blood pressure, you have a history of giving birth to a stillborn or a child with a birth defect, you have previously given birth to a "big" baby, and/or there has been sugar detected in your urine.
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