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%$#@! Gang sign on our building - NBR

So, some idiot, not content with this neighborhood being a fringe neighborhood, decided to graffitti a 5' by 3' gang sign on the back of my building, on the outside of MY unit. My husband is so pissed he went out to buy some grey spray paint to cover it up, and I've got a call in to maitenance to fix it instead. I'm seriously pissed off at the moment. Our buildings are all done in brick and rose siding, so black really stands out. I don't want other bright sparks to get the bright idea that spraypainting our condo is a great idea, either. What really gets me is that we should have heard them do it- and didn't. It makes me kind of nervous, especially since we are in a basement suite.

/vent, sorry for the ramble.


Re: %$#@! Gang sign on our building - NBR

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