3rd Trimester

Confession time!!!

I think I have the baby blues already.Tongue Tied DD was misbehaving today (too long to post about), although she really has never acted-out before... like ever, and it just got to me... wondering how in the world I am going to handle 2 kids? Looking back, I'm sure my preg hormones got in the way of my good judgement and she was trying to make the best of it. I feel horrible for trying to make her take her nap, even though she slept 10 min in the car on the way home from lunch, which usually screws her for a real nap. Not sure why I didn't "get" that at the time. DH was sweet and scheduled a mani/pedi for me tonight so I missed her going to sleep:( I want to go lay with her now so badly, but I know I don't fit comfortably in her bed next to her anymore (a twin) LOL. She'll wake up and ask me to leave (smartypants). So, I'll wait until morning. I need to plan something fun for us to do together tomorrow, I think. I've been concentrating too much on nesting/making things "perfect" before babe #2 arrives, that I'm thinking she's sensing being put a bit on the back burner. I feel like crap-ola.

Oh yeah, and I'm due in like a few days only, and although I love that I'm still pregnant for lots of reasons (1 being that the longer I stay pregnant, the longer state disability allows me to stay home; 1 being that I still have to finish DD's photo album for the past 1.5 yrs--haven't started yet... eek!), I wish I was done with the labor part already. I'm just grumpy and tired, I think.

Okay, who is next?

Re: Confession time!!!

  • I was on my feet for 6 hrs straight at work yesterday usually not a big deal at all but being this PG it's killing my hips and back! I feel like my hips are going to crumble.My little guy is still breech so I'm hoping he turns by my appt next week. Then to top it off i'm so tired but I know if I lay in bed i'll toss and turn for hours because I can't get comfy. I'm so done being PG lol
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  • don't kill yourself over it mama, she'll love you like never before in the morning. we all have our hard days. GL
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    don't kill yourself over it mama, she'll love you like never before in the morning. we all have our hard days. GL

    Thanks. You're right already;) I think I just need to get this kiddo out of me so I can somewhat have my brain back;)

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