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38 weeks, hips so sore can barely walk ?

A friend of mine told me this is a good sign...means the baby will be here soon.  Anyone else heard of this or had this?  Basically my entire midsection/hip/pelvis/lower back/butt  ACHE! 

Re: 38 weeks, hips so sore can barely walk ?

  • Um, no.  My legs and hips and lower back are incredibly sore and walking is torture ... no progress last week and I'm betting on none today either (sitting at OB waiting for appt.)  It's just a normal 'end of pregnancy' perk.  So yeah, your baby might come soon ... because you're due soon.  I don't think the pain is a sign (and neither does my OB).
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  • Indifferent i'm not quite 32 weeks and am starting to have this....i (literally) feel your pain...::crossing my fingers that i won't go into labor::
  • This is me, due to my sciatica, along with a being ripped apart pain in my lady parts.

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  • It's just your pelvis widening....again.

    It happens periodically through pregnancy.

    The good news? This is the last time it will widen!  Wink

    Roll around (move your hips hula-style) on an exercise ball - it really helps!

  • Would this be sciatica?

    I'm having this too and figured it was just pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

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  • I've had pubic symphysis for a while (terrible pain at my pubic bone)... but I felt what you are describing last night. We went to the mall to pick up curtains and curtain rods, and my hip joints were really stiff. Lower back, butt and front of my hips were all getting sore too. I hadn't had that much discomfort while walking before.

    However, in my case at least, it's not a sign of progress. Just 2 hrs before that I had my dr appt and I was only fingertip dilated. Baby is just getting heavy and it's wearing on our bodies!

  • this is just normal towards the end. It could mean that the baby is moving more down, but still doesn't mean much. I am 37 weeks 6 days and went to the Dr yesterday. I've had these pains for a long time and I am only dialated to 1cm, but the baby is at +1 station which means her head is right down there, so as soon as my cervix is ready it shouldn't be too much work before she arrives.
  • I'm already having this problem.  The last couple of days have been awful... and I hope I don't deliver anytime soon!
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  • Sorry but I felt this way for the last 6 weeks of both my pregnancies so far. I had to sleep in a recliner at night for weeks my hips hurt so bad!
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  • My back, my hips, the whole deal have been killin' me for the past two weeks and there is no sign of this little lady making her grand appearance any time soon...
  • image Kim B.:
    My back, my hips, the whole deal have been killin' me for the past two weeks and there is no sign of this little lady making her grand appearance any time soon...

     Same here! It has gotten progressively worse - but he needs to hang in there for at least 2 more weeks. When I wake up in the middle of the night, there is so much pressure I can tell he is lower than he used to be. 


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  • I've been having horrid hip pain for two weeks.  It just means your baby is low and putting pressure on your pelvis. 

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