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4 month old...suddenly only wants to catnap

I keep hearing about babies this age taking 3-4 hour naps in the afternoon. My LO will take one 45-min nap in the am and then one or two 45-min naps in the pm...It's driving me nuts cause i can't get anything done!!!

How can I increase the nap time? Can I?

Re: 4 month old...suddenly only wants to catnap

  • I'd be happy with a 45 minute nap.  My nosey DD won't sleep during the day unless she is in the car where nothing is going on.  She sleeps 13 hours at night so I shouldn't complain, and rarely gets crabby.  We start daycare tomorrow so I am interested to see if she sleeps there at all.
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  • It'll get better. Seth tried his cat nap shenanigan on me a few days. I just made sure I played with him or like 2 or so hours straight or kept him super busy. Then I would change him, lay him on his stomach on something cushiony, turned of tv and closed the door. I would wait it out for 15 minutes to see if he would wake. The boy would be out like a light 2-2 1/2 hours.
  • DD just started this too, it is so frustrating. She took 2 naps today, one was 20 mins and one was 45 mins. Its ridiculous bc then she gets super cranky bc she is overtired. I dont know what to do either and am hoping she just grows out of it. Hopefully somebody can give some good advice, bc I need some too.
  • There's a lot of cognitive development around 4 months. I've read about problems with naps and/or nighttime sleeping around this age that usually lasts about 1-2 weeks. I would just stay as consistent as you can with your normal routine and adjust if s/he wakes early. I think it'll pass soon. GL!


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