3rd Trimester

AW: Yesterday was my last day of work!!

Though I am super excited that I made it through without my water breaking in front of my 6th graders, my last day did have some excitement.  I am a science teacher and had a lab planned that worked out wonderfully...my inclusion class rocked big time!  However, as we were walking to lunch, two of my kids started to fight (for no apparent reason).  Needless to say, I RAN to break them up and peed in my pants in the process (not a ton, but enough to be uncomfortable).  So, instead of getting to head out with the bell on my last day, I had to stay and write referrals and accident reports for the kids!

I will be induced Monday morning and just wanted to say good luck to all through the rest of your pregnancies and as you bring your LOs home!


Re: AW: Yesterday was my last day of work!!

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