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Plus size ladies...question??

How far along were you when you first felt your "bump" form? I was a size 16 pre-pregnancy and am wondering when I will stop feeling "chubby" and start physically feeling PG??
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Re: Plus size ladies...question??

  • I started feeling like I look pregnant last week, The bump is starting to pop and everything is getting pushed out evenly.  I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll feel 100% pregnant..
  • I'm tall and a size 12/14 and I'm just starting to show......
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  • I was probably like 19 weeks when my belly starting getting more firm and looking like I was preggers.
  • I was a size 12 pre preg and I think around 16 or 17 weeks I was finally starting to look not just chubby.
  • It just showed up at 20 weeks overnight,a few weeks after I lost my feetCrying
  • My belly started looking like a "bump" and not a gut around 23 weeks, but when it popped it really popped! And now instead of looking 6 months pregnant, which I am, people assume I am much farther along and when I correct them they are ask if I am carrying twins.
  • I was a size 16 pre-preg and for a while I had a bump that had two halves: out on the top, in at the belly button and out on the bottom. It made me look like I was just gaining more weight until finally at the end of week 22 it had rounded itself out and became a definite baby belly. I just felt and looked chubbier from about week 14 to the end of week 22.
  • I'll put a PIP up for you from my last pregnancy - this is me at 25 weeks last time.   This is the first picture that I think I am showing in.   I was probably a 14-16 at that point.   And still wearing regular shirts.


    This time, I have a bump already and I don't look quite as perky as last time, LOL.

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  • I was 18/20 pre-pregnancy and my belly started rounding out at about 15 weeks. My ute tilts forward so it made me start to show earlier. To me and DH it was obvious (he kept saying how cute and pregnant I looked), but I think to others its just starting to become noticable. I'm 20 weeks now and becoming more and more fond of my bump! :)

    By the way, the Bella Band was my BEST friend when I was in that chubby phase. It smoothed everything out so it looked more like a baby bump and less like a gut. Did wonders for my confidence. Totally worth the money IMO.

  • this is a picture from yesterday 19 weeks 3 days.  I can feel my uterus right below my belly button.  I have the "B" belly though where my belly sticks out, goes in at my belly button, then sticks back out.  I'll be happy when it finally rounds out! I feel like it just looks like I ate too much.  Hopefully in the next few weeks or so it will round out!




  • I was between 22 and 24w before I very noticably pregnant. I felt more pregnant around 20w for some reason.
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  • I am 5' 7" and was a 24 pre-preg.  I can definitely feel my uterus (and have for a while) and I have a harder bigger bump above my belly button than pre-preg but I still have a distinct B belly.  It hasn't rounded out yet at all.  So, if you know me and love me (H) you think I look pregnant.  If you don't, you think I look fatter :(    Hopefully it'll round out soon :)
  • I was about 19/20 weeks when I first felt my baby boy move and Im 22 weeks now and you can tell im preggo.
  • Oh ladies, it is so nice to hear that other women are going through the same thing I am. At 14 weeks, I took my first belly picture and cried because I had the B belly going on strong. I was too embarrassed to show anyone the picture!

    I feel like I have spent the last couple of weeks making sure everyone knew that I was pregnant just so they wouldn't think that I just got fatter! I have noticed that things are rounding out more now but its still like all my belly fat got pushed up above the belly button. 

    I'm glad to know that it will eventually round out!! :)


  • ummm around 16 or 17 weeks. :)
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  • I am size 22-prepreg.  My "waist" disappeared one day about my 24th week.  Remember that it will look big above the belly button because the LO is shoving all mommy's internal organs up there.  I am 26 weeks today (98 days until due date) and now feel confident that I look pregnant (at least to those who know) and not just fat.

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