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I just spent the last 1.5 hours...

looking for a hotel in San Antonio, TX. I have a conference that I am attending in San Antonio the weekend of Valentine's Day. My mom is coming down and she is going to go with me to the conference to help take care of LO while I attend training sessions. We are going to spend one night (Friday to Saturday) in a hotel in San Antonio. So, the reason I spent 1.5 hours looking for the hotel is because I wanted to make sure that the hotel I picked was safe. I've never worried this much about a hotel before, but I really want to make sure I don't put LO in a dangerous situation. It was tough because I don't want to be too far from where the conference is and I'm on a somewhat limited budget. I just made a reservation and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be alright.

Am I a paranoid mommy? LOL!

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Re: I just spent the last 1.5 hours...

  • Haha no! When I stayed at a hotel with my LO, my mum, and my MIL, I just HAD to make sure the pack'n'play they provide was safe and clean, and then I didn't even use it! He slept in my arms all night on the bed!
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