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How to deal with missing milestones ?

My baby boy started crawling today (8 months old) and I am lucky to have either my hubby or mom to watch him while I work FT.  When hubby called to tell me I cried at work... I was hoping I wouldn't miss it :(  Anyone have tips on how to deal when you miss these special moments cause of work ?


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Re: How to deal with missing milestones ?

  • Enjoy seeing him crawl tonight.  Happening to be there for the one first time that your child does each thing isn't that big of a deal to me.  I still got to enjoy seeing him at each stage and doing each new task.
  • Thanks- it's nice to hear someone who understands :)
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  • It is always a first for you and now is the time that your LO sucks up all the love and encouragement for what he/she has learned!

    So, I say lay it on thick when you get home with the praise! There's nothing like getting praise from Mommy (even though Daddy and grandma are pretty cool too) but Mommies give the praise with just the right amount of enthusiasm and kisses.

  • The first time you see your baby do something is still special even if s/he has done it before.  Odds are that DD will take her first unassisted steps at daycare.  That's great!  I want her to be active and exploring her capabilities at daycare.  I'll simply look forward to her taking those first steps for ME too.
  • Make the most of the time you are with him. He's not going to remember that you weren't there the very first time he (laughed, crawled, walked, etc) but he can definitely appreciate the love and attention you give him when you are there. Daddies and Grandmas are great, but Mommies are something more special.
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  • I completely agree with the others.  Yes, you are going to miss some of the very first times your LO does something, but there's always a first time *you* see it, and it's just as exciting!  And then you get to see him to it over and over again.

    Also, missing firsts isn't always because of working -- my son rolled over the first time on a weekend when my MIL was playing with him and I was downstairs doing laundry. :)

  • the first time they do it around you, IS "the first time"  IMO...thats how I always dealt with it.
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    Also, missing firsts isn't always because of working -- my son rolled over the first time on a weekend when my MIL was playing with him and I was downstairs doing laundry. :)

    This - my DD started crawling when I was out to dinner with a friend.  I also felt that so many milestones were such a gradual process that I never really felt I "missed" out on too many firsts (but maybe that was just my DD).   

  • Well, I don't think I would be sad if MH saw our child do something first.  It could have happened if I'd run out to the store one night and DH stayed home.  But, I think it is smart if those who are watching your kids keep that sort of info to themself, at least until you come home and can see it yourself.  Why call you to tell you about it so that you can wonder about it for hours? 

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  • I actually have found that many milestones (walking, for instance) evolve over time so there's no "AHA" moment.  DH and I debated for weeks when my son started walking.  Words have often been the same- DS is often saying something for awhile before I recognize what he's talking about.

    I also just try to be happy for my son that he's getting new skills, regardless of who happens to see him.  I like hearing about what he does when I'm working because I know he loves learning new things. 

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