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Funny Pregnancy Dreams

So, wanted to share a few funny dreams I've had and see what you ladies come up with as well! 

 Last night: Had a dream that I had to get a paternity test because I fell asleep in a sled (yes a sled) with a guy friend of ours (who's really young and hot, btw) and I wasn't sure what had happened because I was so sleepy and was worried that he might be the father.

 Few nights ago:  Had a dream that I was breastfeeding and milk was just flowing out of them and I could feel the baby latch on. 

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Re: Funny Pregnancy Dreams

  • I had a dream a couple of nights ago that some dude was trying to kill me.  We ended up becoming good friends by the end of the dream.  Weird.

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  • Most of my dreams have been disturbing and have people from my past in them. The other day my dog went to work with me and was like working.....and/or I had to go to court and strip down to go through the detectors and then they took all my clothes and turned off all the lights and co-workers from 3 jobs ago (10 years ago) were laughing at me.
  • Mine have been crazy too!  The two most recent, everyone was mad at me except for my BFF.  They all kept being mean to me, and I'm like "Be nice, I'm still pregnant!"  So me and BFF go walking, I'm getting ready to have the baby and all of a sudden it's my husband in the delivery room and I'm pacing the hallways waiting for him to give birth...which he did to a beautiful little girl.

     The next one was violent, this crazy lady was stalking and hurting me and my loved ones.  She stabbed me twice with a long, skinny pole giving me two wounds one in my lower abs the other in my shoulder.  So, as she's about to stab another person I care about, I grab my butcher knife and stab her to death.   Super weird as I've never been able to get violent in my dreams, I can't even throw a punch in my dreams but this woman I violently stab.  YIKES!

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  • Glad I am not the only one having crazy dreams. I had one last night where we had a baby and it was a few days old, but we hadn't checked to see whether it was a boy or a girl.  So insane.  In my dream, we had absolutely nothing for the baby-- no carseat, no diapers, no crib.  Not sure what to think about these dreams.
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  • I had a dream I was breastfeeding my cat...no joke. I guess that is probably due to all the adult years I've spent parenting my "only child." It didn't at all seem unusual in my dream. Then I woke up and spent a good two days laughing about that one.

  • Oh mylanta! The things my subconcious comes up with when I'm not looking.

    A few weeks ago I had a "worst case scenario" dream that just went on FOREVER. I had gone into labor, and all of a sudden the baby's heart rate dropped so they had to perform an emergency c-section right there in the delivery room (instead of taking me to the OR). And just as they were wrapping the baby up and putting it in my arms, the emergency sirens went off. There were tornados that were spinning all around the hospital, which caused a plane to crash into the front of the hospital. My whole family was evacuated from the delivery room and downstairs, when my brother (who had been in the waiting room) discovered that his 6 y.o. daughter had wandered off and was missing. So we jump on the elevators to go back upstairs and find her, only to have the elevator malfunction. We had to pry the doors open and climb out of the elevator. Only to discover we were on the wrong floor and that some crazy guy was holding the whole floor hostage, but there was my neice just hangin out by the nurse's station. We grab her and go back to the delivery room only to discover a crazy lady who is "hiding" in my room so she can steal my baby when I fall asleep. I think I must've woken up then. But it was one heck of a roller coaster.

    Two nights ago I dreamed I was at some sort of alternative wellness spa and nudist colony when I went into labor. They called a midwife and a doula and I tried to have the baby, but I kept telling them that the baby wouldn't come because it wasn't time yet.

    I can only imagine that this stuff gets crazier the farther we all get into our pregnancies.

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