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Must haves for my hospital bag?

I know this has been posted a million times before, but I can't seem to find any posts now. =/ Could you ladies tell me what you used from your hospital bag? TIA!

Re: Must haves for my hospital bag?

  • I used my toiletries, yoga pants, a sweatshirt, tank top, camera, cell phone, and computer. I packed WAY more than all of this and had to haul all of it home (including extra things we were given at the hospital and gifts from family).

    My best advice to you... pack light!!

  • Toiletries, night gown, pillow, boppy, and makeup.

  • Pretty lotion, chapstick, snacks, pillow(s), book, cell phone cahrger, make up, ear plugs and an eye cover (this allowed me to sleep between feedings while DH spent time looking after LO. Also, my body temp was wacko after delivery so bring comfy clothes in dark colors that you can layer easily.
  • CHAPSTICK!!!! Also comfy pants, nursing tank, yummy smelling body wash, makeup, and a few outfits for DH and LO. 
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  • I ended up having an unexpected c-section, and I honestly only used my toothbrush, hair brush, hair thingies, glasses, and camera... plus my outfit to come home in and an outfit for DD. I had TONS of other stuff packed, and I used nothing else.
  • Thanks so much ladies! I am definitely an over packer. haha
  • I ended up with an emergency c/s, so I ended up needing more stuff than I brought, and not using some stuff.

    didn't use: all of the natural childbirth stuff - birthing ball, rice socks

    did use: toiletries, pillows (can never have enough), boppy, yoga pants (full panel, not below belly), nightgown, hoodie, bathrobe, cell phone, computer, camera, baby book & journal

    needed: more clothes for both of us(stayed in hospital 4 days instead of 2), blanket for DH

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  • Pajamas, (button top), socks, toothbrush/paste, contact lens stuff, bathrobe, comb/brush, scrunchy/stuff to hold your hair back, personal cleaning wipes like "Dove cloths" or something to freshen up with.  I didn't shower at all when I was in the hospital, but I did sponge bath/wipe down.  (And a going home outfit for yourself and LO.)  Chargers for electronic devices, camera, camcorder.  Snacks for self/visitors/nurses/doctors.  (I had a big tin of butter cookies which was finished in the time I was there.)

    I didn't need books or pillows or towels.  My labor was fairly quick, so I may have wanted them had my labor been slow. My husband brought the laptop, which we used more often than I thought we would.

    Also bring bags to take stuff home in.  We ended up bringing a lot more stuff home with us.  People send flowers or bring gifts, the hospital gave us a lot of stuff to get us started, (like formula, diapers, swaddle cloths), and we didn't have any empty bags to carry it home with.  We had to use those plastic laundry bags that are in the closets of the rooms.

    Good luck.  I actually miss being in labor if you can believe it.  It was such an exciting time.


  • Most importantly, take your own pillow(s)! The ones at the hospital were no good, I was so glad I had mine!
  • A robe is a good thing to bring (especially when walking the hospital halls!).  Really, I didn't need much...toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, deodorant, nursing bra, camera and extra batteries, coming home outfit for you and LO.  That's about it!
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  • Boppy is a must. Now I ended up having a c-section but labored 27hrs before. Also a vinyl pillow- in case of hemmroids which I did end up developing and is common for vag delivery mamas.

     Bring toiletries, clothes for you and Baby and camera &/or computer...cellular.

    Dad needs clothes, toiletries and money for food- they only fed me there, not him which I find stupid but whatever.

  • image Alyssajoy87:

    I used my toiletries, yoga pants, a sweatshirt, tank top, camera, cell phone, and computer. I packed WAY more than all of this and had to haul all of it home (including extra things we were given at the hospital and gifts from family).

    My best advice to you... pack light!!

     This exactly!

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  • I used my make up, toiletries, pajamas and yoga pants/tops, and clothes for baby to wear home.  That's about it.  I did bring a hair dryer but no way was I standing there long enough to use it.  :)
  • Oh yes .. also my cell phone (my hospital phone considered our house 10 minutes away as long distance) and my boppy. 
  • I think it might depend on how long you labor at the hospital, but our bag was completely worthless until afterwards!  I would recommend packing light and then having DH run home for whatever you think you need afterwards.  I will say, I wish we had more baby clothes with us, since the hospital provided some pretty light stuff that wasn't appropriate (in my mind, anyway!) for winter, and no socks, and the hat they gave us was too small for the baby! 
    Don't forget all your paperwork -- insurance card, copy of your preregistration papers, social security numbers, birth plan, etc.  Those you actually will need!
  • LIP BALM! My #1 item!

    Camera, laptop, ipod, comfy pants and tank, zip up hoodie/fleece, flip flops/slip on shoes. 

    Honestly you could go with 1 backpack and be good. 

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  • DVDs. There was absolutely nothing on tv so we watched a movie every night. 

    I also brought my own towels, just crappy old beach ones, but it was nice to have a bigger towel than the dinky ones the hospital has. 

  • Comfy clothes...boppy pillow...DEPENDS(one of my girlfriends recomended them and it was so right)
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  • Camera, cell phone, laptop + chargers for all three. Robe, nursing tanks and either yoga pants or loose drawstring PJ pants. Toiletries. My own pillow and towel (hospital towels are tiny and rough). Going home outfit for LO and yourself. Change of clothes for your DH.

    I also brought a ton of other stuff that I never used. I will be packing WAY lighter next time! Note: I had an emergency C-section due to baby being breech, and didn't need any of my natural birth stuff during the few hours that I was actually laboring.

  • Take a pen.


  • From my labor bag the only thing I used was chapstick, but I wasn't in labor all that long at the hospital. From my hospital bag I mainly used my own soap, shampoo, that kinda stuff. I just stayed in the hospital gown since I was having issues peeing and had a cathetar in me for the two days I was there. I didn't feel like carrying my bag of pee around the hospital so I mainly stayed in my room.
  • The best thing I packed were some flushable wipes for me. (I call them adult baby wipes). The first time I stood up after delivery I got pretty weak from losing so much blood and didn't feel safe standing in the shower. I was still able to clean myself up without taking a full shower.
  • The 1st time w/ DD was a failed version that ended in C-section. So I didn't do the labor part but I wore hospital gowns while there, and LO wore whatever they supplied swaddled. Pen & Paper, Pedi phone # (if they aren't at hospital!), We used internet to research names (yes still undecided at that point), snacks. You only got 3 meals a day and I was STARVING all the time. And yes, a bag to bring stuff home - and we only had a handful of visitors stop by with stuff and don't forget all the diapers and stuff the hospital gives you!
  • camera, boppy, yoga pants, snacks, slippers
  • two things we forgot: cell phone charger and a bag of change for the vending machines.
  • I brought many of the same things for my son's birth but the items that really helped were my own brand of pads.  You will need them and you want to have the ones you like.  I hated the ones at the hospital.
  • Bring your baby book!!!!  The nurses will put the footprints/handprints on the pages if you request it.  It's so nice because they will take care of that for you and you will have it forever!!!

     Also:  Toothbrush, bathrobe, comfy pants/shirt for the hospital so you are not stuck in that gown, clothes to go home in, clothes for baby to go home in, shampoo/conditioner, hair brush, hair ties.

    May want to consider:  SNACKS!!!!  Just in case you get hungry in between meals.  Magazines/books or you may get bored just watching tv and sitting in bed for 2 days, cell phone and contact list to inform people when the newbie arrives.  Hope this helps!!!

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    • ?Great smelling toiletries in travel sizes?
    • Old socks you can throw out when you leave (2 pair)
    • Chapstick
    • Yoga pants/comfy top
    • Magazines/books/cell phone with games (if your water breaks there may be a lot of down time before baby comes)
    • pillow of your own
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