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He's only 3 weeks old! (FIL rant)

And my darling FIL keeps trying to get me to give him formula, and today tried to give DS mashed potatoes.

 Because they're "not really solid food".


And when I told him no, he's too young, he said to DS "Mommy doesn't want to get more sleep!"


I said "No, mommy is listening to the doctor about what he eats!"

Ugh. I wish my inlaws could just be supportive of our decision to EBF. I know I'm lucky to be able to do so, and I'm not going to mess it up by supplementing unnecessarily. DS is gaining weight like a champ. He's sleeping better slowly. They're not the ones losing sleep so why should it matter if I celebrate that he slept 4 hours this morning? 

Ugh. I just had to rant. 

Re: He's only 3 weeks old! (FIL rant)

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